Thursday, June 4, 2009

Waiting can be sooo deadly!

It's been about 1 and a half day since our last seeing (mine and Stefan's) and I'm dreading it already!
Well dreading it, hmm, maybe in other words;...I'm missing him very much.
Saturday was supposed to be 6 months together, untill I realised, when I overlooked the calender, I was once wrong again and that it was 7 months instead.
Very typical of me.
I, at times, can be so simple.
Anyways, 7 months that's a big thing, to be celebrating.
Seeing we didn't really celebrate it the month before( this was becasue I jsut came out of the operation room; hevn't gotten my tonsils taken out) we're up to much this weekend.
There is a suprise waiting for me saturday:)
The only words were to get dressed up warm, and to bring the blanket again.
So I'm very much looking forward to it.

*tum tum tum, tralala*
*Thinking into space*

You know what I'm think about right now?
That I still have to clean my room, and I'm quite looking forward to dinner.
I wonder what we'll be having.
Yesterday I started making my own dress, due to the occation saturday, I want to suprise him with this new look of mine.
It's a silver skirt with a black petticoat underneath, and the top is black.
I'll be wearing it with black tights, a black jacket and in my hands a cute bush of three roses.
It excites me to excite him.
I cannot wait to behold the loving smile of his face, when he sees me.:)
On saturday the 6th of June
Is the day of all days,
the day we vowed to be one, exactly 7 months ago,
And for this day of all days will be sunniest and happiest of all the normal week days,
On the friday around about 8 you shall behold her.
Comming toward you as a distant speck,
From far you can already see there's something special about her,
She shinners through the streetlamp lit light,
Her gown glisening,
The closer she comes,
the more beauty she beares upon ones eyes
and with her red lips kissing yours ever so gently,
she embraces you with her eternal love,

Wait for me my love, there is jsut one more day!
And one last chance to miss one another!