Friday, April 26, 2013

New Banner and Giveaway!

Hello Frilly readers!
As you my have noticed my blog banner has finally been published!
I am very happy with it and I hope so are many others that check out my Blog. I want to thank Theresa again for doing such a great job.
If you are interested in commissioning one of her designs then contact her via her blog here. I can guarantee you'll be very satisfied with the outcome.
There will me a few more updates and then my blog make over will finally be complete and I can concentrate more on the  giveaway I have in mind.
Please let me know, in the comments, if it would interest you to participate in it!

I hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lolita Candy Shoot!

About a month or so ago I had one of my incredible "lets just do this" ideas. I was in the mood for another Lolita photo shoot and snooped around for a photographer who might be interested. I wanted to do a sweet candy shoot for quite some time already and thought I'd finally give it a shot. I got my inspiration from this video clip I found on Youtube. I would say that I liked the shoot in the clip more than my own but  I had different resources so can't really compare too much. I would like to do another candy shoot in the future though.

I asked my friend Rosalynn if she'd like to join, because we didn't really get the chance to have many pictures taken together at the previous shoot. I was really happy when she said she'd love to take part. I  got everything sorted with the photographer and we were ready to go.
We were lucky that he lived in the area so that it didn't require to spend a lot of money for the trip there.

Me and Rosalynn bought some sweets for the shoot. She choose swirly marshmallows and the standard cylinder shaped ones in pink and white. I bought some cute colourful candy-canes and multi-coloured Easter eggs (which really matched well with our outfits).
It happened to be a pretty windy but sunny day which was nice. Me and my mum met up with Rosalynn at the photographers house right on time and we both were really nervous. My mum stayed with us during the whole shoot (she was our personal security guard.You can never be too careful).

After introducing ourselves to the photographer Marc van Gessel we hurried upstairs to get dressed. Rosalynn had already done her make-up (which was smart) and was done a lot faster than me.As soon as I was finally done we started the shoot.
It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of good laughs. I have to say that it's always so much fun hanging out with Rosalynn. She's hilarious. Because it was difficult for me to smile naturally with my teeth showing Rosalynn had to make me laugh instead. She made crazy poses and danced funny dances. Here are some of the pictures that were taken that I and Rosalynn liked most.

Click to enlarge.
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I really enjoyed this photo shoot and hope to do more very soon. We're working on an idea already; Lolita in the city. I hope to shoot as soon as it gets warmer here.
If you are keen to see Rosalynn's post about the photo shoot do take a look here.

If you happen to living in the Netherlands and are also interested in doing a photo shoot with this photographer do check out his website here. He's definitely very fun to work with.

Thanks for reading and take take!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April Update!

I have a little update for everyone! As you may have already noticed my blog has been under construction for quite some time now. I also informed you that a new layout and banner is on it's way. Well I can let you know that the long wait is nearly over. Keep your eyes sharp because the new banner will be up this month.

Excited? I know I am. I've seen the final design and I have to say that I am very happy with the Frillzone's design. I will probably be working together with her for future projects too ^-^.

Many more suprises will follow soon after. So keep an eye on that too!

Thanks for reading and take care.