Friday, March 8, 2013

The tomb of Tutankhamun

 Last week Saturday I went to visit an exhibition in Amsterdam about the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamun.
I can tell you it was an amazing experience. I've always been very fond of ancient Egyptian history and had always wanted to see a mummy in real life. This was quite close to the real deal but nevertheless just as interesting and gob smacking.

The exhibition was made up of many items that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb along with the mummified body of the pharaoh when it was finally discovered by archaeologist Howard Carter. The items on display were unfortunately not the real ones but were all exact replicas. The real artifacts can be found at the history museum in Cairo for they are too fragile to be transported in an exhibition.
The archaeologist wanted to give visitor’s the exact image he had when he first beheld the tomb and at the exhibition I be held every room in the eyes of Carter the day he first discovered it. It was so breathtaking. I really can’t describe what I felt and what I thought. I was so bewildered. It amazes me how detailed this ancient civilization was and how extra ordinary they were. They were so different than any other culture living in this world.

Once forgotten and lost Tutankhamun’s tomb is now the most famous ever found in all of history. Age of death only 18 makes him just as mysterious as well. What could have caused his death? It’s still unknown to us today.
Apparently he was a very handsome man in his day and in 2005 they even make a digital remake of his face using his DNA and bone structure and I have to admit he really was the looker.
From all the mummies found he was the last to be found because he was hidden in his tomb for so long. I would love to visit his tomb in Egypt one day as well as many others.

The exhibition was so fun and educational that I was sad when it came to an end. I had come to the last part on my audio tape and listened very carefully. There is still a lot of research going on around Tutankhamun and in year’s time, with the help of new technology, there will be more riddles solved. But as they also predicted there are some things we will never know about the ancient Egyptians which was something they intended no one ever to find out about.

After spending two hours at the exhibition I beheld the gift shop. I was keen on attaining a little souvenir as this was definitely a place to remember. I bought myself a little white soap stone scarab. I really love these little things. They have a very special meaning for ancient Egyptians. They were a symbol similar to Ra, the sun god; the rebirth of the sun.

If you happen to be in the area and would also like to see this exhibition it’s possible until May. It’s definitely worth it. (check out the biography of Howard Carter, who found the tomb of Tutankhamun). (check out the history of Tutankhamun).

The exhibition really had an impact on me and I feel a lot wiser knowing about this history. It even makes me keen on the whole mummification thing. To think that you’d be discovered thousands of years later.

Thanks for reading and take care.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I'm going to Frock on!

The magical location!

Maybe you’ve heard about this event, or maybe you haven’t. Either way I will enlighten you about its wonderous grasp on the Lolita mind.
I came across this event by accident on Facebook. Someone, in my local community, posted about whether or not to attend. Out of curiosity I clicked the link. What I read there left me simply dumb struck.
Frock on is an event organized by The Tea Party Club. This year, in celebration of their 6th anniversary, there is a Lolita shopping extravaganza! A display of fashions shows, workshops, presentations, raffles, prizes, illustrators, photographers, AND international Lolita shops selling their goody treasures! And all this is taking place in London! Also the day after a grand tea party will also take place.
Oh my god. I couldn’t believe what I had read. An event so big and so close to home. This was a chance I could not simply let slip through my fingers.  I visited the official website and booked my two tickets for both days.
I was out of breath and dazed by all the pink glitter that erupted in front of me. I really love how these events are being organized by such clever people. They remind me very much of myself.
 I am also an aspiring event organizer and have hosted a fair amount of small successful events and meets. This year I’m taking it a step further and will be organizing a big event in October. Frock on is so similar to what I want to do. I really admire the organizers. I’m thinking of doing voluntary work for them next year. I find it simply amazing what they want to achieve.

So are any of you attending? If so let me know. I’d love to meet up. If you aren’t sure yet check out their website:

Thanks for reading and take care.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

High Tea and my place

Last Saturday, the 23rd of February, I organized a meet up in my town. All the Lolita’s living in or around were welcome to join. A lot of people turned up which was great. The more the merrier!
The plan was to meet up at the station, get some delicious bubble tea, have a small scale high tea at the Hema, take pictures in town and later on retreat to my house to have dinner and treats.

I had originally planned to wear a Gothic Lolita outfit that day, but I yearned to wear something bright and colourful so I chose my Sugary Carnival JSK in lavender with a matching coloured blouse instead.  After having read the Toothless tiger’s blog about old school Lolita fashion I decided to rock my old school head piece. I had won it at the Fly away fashion meet last year and I was eager to try it out.

It was a cold day but lucky it didn’t snow or rain. A day later we would have been snowed in again.
I arrived at the station to already behold a jolly gathering of frills. Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive we were asked to be on a picture several times. We were quite the attraction. Once everyone arrived we headed to the bubble tea place. It was a lot of fun to walk through the busy town with everyone. We got looks from everywhere and a lot of people seemed to like our presence.
At the bubble tea place we all chose a flavor tea with jelly and popping boba. I had strawberry flavor, my favorite. My boyfriend came to join us too. He also loves bubble tea.

We headed to the Hema around three o’clock and we were glad to be welcomed by the warm cafe. Normally it isn’t possible to reserve a table there. It’s a come and go system but because I asked so nicely they did make an exception just for us. When we sat down we were even served which was too cute. I really didn’t expect that.
The high tea was small but delicious and judging by everyone’s faces they enjoyed it just as much. We laughed, sung and took pictures. We had a really nice time and around half past 4 we were preparing to leave to take some pictures outside.

Once outside we were bombarded by groups of kids wanting to be in a picture with us. We didn’t mind so we just enjoyed the act.
After taking pictures we still had some time so we browsed some shops, among which the Claire’s. It was the first time I had shopped there in Lolita and it was hilarious trying on the funny shaped glasses. I ended up buying a remarkable pair of specs with a mustache attached to it. I simply couldn’t stop laughing whilst walking about the shop. I already see many spectacular moments with them in the future.
We then headed to the station where we said goodbye to Rosalynn and Tamara and made our way to my house.

My mum had prepared everything at home while we were in town and I was stunned when I beheld the table she decorated. It was simply gorgeous. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the decoration and my mum’s shop too.
Shortly after our arrival I suggested a tour to my room. I always enjoy seeing someone’s room for the first time. It felt as if we were in a museum. There were lots of auww’s and ahhh’s when everyone beheld my Lolita wardrobe.
When down stairs again we all had a lovely feast of rice and chicken curry and as a dessert cupcakes and sorbet ice creams.
Everyone was having a really good time and so was I. I received a little gift from my friend Sanniya which was really sweet of her to do.

 At nine o’clock everyone left for the bus. I walked with them and cuddled them goodbye when the bus arrived.
It was an amazing day and I had a lot of fun. Tired as I was I simply couldn’t wait for the next meet to come.

Thanks for reading and take care.