Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

My kitty is waiting to spook people tonight.
Today on the 31st of October is Halloween. Or originally called Samhain, which is the Pagan traditional celebration to celebrate the end of the year. It´s a shame that Halloween isn’t as popular here than in other places like the USA, UK or Germany. I’m really going to miss the Trick or Treater´s this year.
I haven’t been in the Halloween spirit as much as I would have liked to have been today but I held a mega Lolita Halloween event last week. So I’ve not entirely forgotten to celebrate it.
Next to job hunting, tea drinking and Alpaca cuddling I haven’t done much today because I’m also starting to get sick with the flu. I do hope someone surprises me with a Halloween party though. I’m ¨dying¨ to do something Halloweeny.
But do tell me what you guys have planned for Halloween. Maybe your going Trick or Treating? Attending a Halloween party or just staying in watching creepy movie´s whilst spitting out your popcorn because your a scary cat, like me ^^.

Well have a great Halloween and please remember to make it back to the mortal world safely. And yes even if that vampire you met is real schmexy! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kawaii Weekend 2013 in The Netherlands - I met Misako and RinRin part 1

What I am about to talk about is probably one of the best highlights in my Lolita life thus far. It's even better than receiving a dream dress, better than visiting Baby the Stars Shine Bright for the fist time, or even better than drinking remonade (and, for me, that pretty damn spectacular already).
A month ago or so a girl in the Dutch Lolita community, called Leyla, organised a..( I cant even find the right words to describe how I felt about it) ¨Lolitastic¨ event here in the Netherlands. It was called Kawaii Weekend. Maybe you heard about it. It was a weekend filled with Kawaii things to do. Among which a tea party in a luxurious ball room with ever so delicious food, tons of prizes to win, international Lolita's attending, a fashion show, outfit contest, live performances, a trip with pick-nick to a castle and the best part of it all was that Misako Aoki and RinRin were there to share it all with us. My compliments to Leyla for organising such a spectacular event.
I still feel really giddy fishing back through all the memories of that weekend. But where's a story without a beginning? Let me take you back to where it all started.

 It all started with a message I read on the Dutch Lolita community Facebook page. The organiser was asking who would be interested in such an event. Of course many people were positive. It all sounded too good to be true.
Some time passed and bit by bit we were told more and more about the event and it's possible attendees from Japan. We were even asked which Japanese Kawaii celebrities we would really like to see attend the event. My vote went to Misako Aoki and Kimura U ^-^.
All the while I got more and more excited and really hoped the prices wouldn't be too high. I mean with such big ideas and Japanese Lolita's attending my guess in the price range was high.
Not long after the banner and event page were finally published and we could finally see who would be attending and how much a ticket would cost.
I was flabbergasted when I read Misako would be coming. I had never met her before and this would be a great chance. It was in my own country so I didn't really need to travel that much. I then saw that RinRin would be coming too. I didn't really know much about her so I kept an open mind and would just see what she was like.
Then to my horror I saw the price list. I was really upset because I knew it was too much for me to afford. I had really hoped to go and it felt like I hit rock bottom. It was even higher than I had estimated. I think I wasn't the only one who was shocked but after a few days I did see more and more people deciding to go which made it even worse for me.
In my despair I just stopped checking the event page and tried to convince myself that it wasn't the end of the world if I wasn't there. Maybe I would have another chance some other time. Then one night, whilst me and my boyfriend were driving home, I told my bf about the event and how I was upset that I couldn't go. He sympathized with me and told me that it would be okay and that there might be a way for me to go after all. I just remember looking at him and a thought popped into my head. So I asked, as a joke, if he would be willing to donate some money to me so that I could go. And to my luck he said yes. I was over the moon as I kissed him a thousand times over and over again.

Knowing that I could now finally go I ordered my ticket (only for one day) and I soon began to prepare my outfits for the big day. The day was split into two parts, midday tea and a party in the evening, so I decided on two different looks.
I decided to wear my new OP from the brand Classical Puppets for the tea party. It's a pretty simple dress but I loved how beautiful it's details were. I was going for an elegant Victorian tea party look. For the party in the evening I wore my Fruit Punch Soda bustle back JSK by Metamorphose. I loved it so much. I gave the outfit a cutesy country theme. Which is something I've been wanting to try for quite some time now.

What do you think?
It was only one more day before the event would take place and I was too excited to go to sleep. The big day came and I got up nice and early to make myself up and get dressed. I made sure to leave earlier as I was afraid that I would be late..again XD. Luckily my boyfriend was kind enough to bring me to the station. He really is such a sweetheart.
At the station I met up with Deborah and we had a lovely journey together to Utrecht, where the event would take place. She looked so beautiful in her new skirt. She always dresses elegantly.
Once in Utrecht we walked towards the meet up point and we could already see a lot of frill's waiting. It was such a lovely sight. I hugged all my friends who were already there and the ones that arrived later. It was so nice to see them again. Everyone was excited. More and more Lolita's arrived and lots of them from Germany too. I even met a girl who came all the way from Switzerland.
After a while our guide, Irvana, came to pick us up and we all walked towards the event hall. It was such a spectacular place and ever so fancy.

Once inside were all welcomed by Leyla and her crew. I checked in and signed a contract to allow the photographer to take pictures and for the event to be filmed by the one and only Kawaii International. Yes you heard right. In September the Kawaii Weekend event will be broadcasted on Kawaii International on TV. My day just couldn't be spoiled anymore. I'm still really excited about the episode coming out soon. I waited in the waiting room while the rest of the frill's checked in and while waiting I took some picture's with Deborah, Liselotte, Dido, Rosalynn and Emilie. The place was so fancy it was photo worthy.
A little while later we were shown the way to the hall where the tea party would be taking place. There were waiter's handing out drinks in fancy glasses and all people with allergies or non meat eaters received special food just for them. I have lactose intolerance and received special food just for me. It was so nice that that had been organised.
I sat at a cute little table together with Deborah and Tamara and a few new people:Silvia, Kathleen and her boyfriend. Everyone was really excited and Silvia couldn't wait to meet Misako and show her her self made dress. She really did look stunning.
Everyone looked absolutely amazing that day. You could see they did their extra best for this special occasion. I met so many new people it was so nice. I really can't remember everyone but I'm glad I got to hang out with Natascha, Anna Rosa and Rowie. I had seen them online on the forum and it was a delight to meet them that day.
Once everyone was seated we could fill our plates with delicious food that readily laid out. I got my food from a separate table behind the buffet counter. I had a delicious salmon sandwich wedge, a lactose free cake filled with raspberries, blueberries and black currents and a little glass filled with forest berries. It was all so good.
It was so delicious!
While everyone was eating Leyla made an announcement that Misako and Rin Rin would be arriving soon. My heart started to race. Only a few minutes to go until the big moment. Moments later the hall doors opened and in came Misako and Rin Rin. There was a long silence as they walked towards their table. I was absolutely gobsmacked. As were many others in the hall. I was so overwhelmed I didn't know what to do. I think I sat there with my mouth hanging open staring at them as they slowly walked past me. They were absolutely beautiful and Misako was so small. I knew she was smaller than me but she really was so much smaller than I expected. As I didn't know Rin Rin, I looked up photo's of her before the event but I have to say that she look so much more beautiful than her pictures. They really don't do her justice.
Rin Rin wore Angelic Pretty's new Eternal Rose Bouquet dress in pink and Misako wore Baby's Blooming Fairy OP also in pink.

They both gave a little speech about themselves, their rooms and their favorite spots in Tokyo. It was so nice to see where they hung out the most. Need to write their favorite hang out locations down on my to do list. So when I go to Japan I can hopefully meet one of them again.
What I liked most about their presence was that both sat at each table to talk to everyone. I really didn't expect this but it was super fun to do. I remember when Misako came to sit at our table. She sat only one seat away from me. So close! Because she didn't understand or speak English she had a translator translate everything she said and everything we said. It was a little awkward but fun nevertheless. Misako really is such a sweet happy girl and also so beautiful. It's a shame I didn't say more to her. I was just so nervous and sky at the time. Hopefully one day when my Japanese is better I can have a proper conversation with her. A lot of people gave Misako gifts and I felt embarrassed for not haven gotten anything. In all the excitement it didn't even occur to me. Well maybe next time.

I was really excited when it was Rin Rin's turn to sit at our table. She could speak English so talking was a lot easier and more spontaneous. She came and sat next to me. I was so happy! I remember that we had a very nice conversation and she loved my dress and bindi. She told me she wears them in Tokyo too and that her favorite was heart shaped.
After each visit we took group pictures together and later on one on one with both Misako and Rin Rin. I was so nervous when standing in between them both. I made sure to smile as best I could, as this would be my memory of them for later and I didn't want to look like a weirdo. It was a success and I couldn't be happier at the time.

I look mega happy!
Both Misako and Rin Rin received so many gifts from everyone that we were really suprised to receive gifts from them. They handed out little sweet treats. If I remember it was daifuku? It was very much like mochi but it wasn't mochi. All the little treats were shaped as cute little animals. I chose the crab because it had such cute little eyes.
I remember that whilst taking my first bite the Kawaii TV crew came to interview me on it's flavor. They were so close to my face I turned red. Just like the little crab. I was desperately hoping that none of that would turn up on the show later.

Before I knew what was happening it was time for the lottery. Everyone received a piece of paper with a grid in the middle. It was the intention on writing people's names in the boxes and if their name was chosen you could tick them off. Just like Bingo. There were so many nice gifts to win. Sadly I didn't get a bingo but it was fun anyway. A lot of people had a bingo with my name. I felt really honored! My friend, Tamara, did win something. I was so happy for her. Her package included so many cute prizes.
Sadly it was time to say goodbye for now as the tea party was coming to an end.

But only a few hours later the evening program would be starting and I would be seeing them again! On the way out both Misako and Rin Rin stood at the doors to say goodbye, for now, to everyone at the meet. It was so adorable. When it was my turn Rin Rin held my hands and thanked me for participating and was very glad to have met me. She said that looked forward to seeing me at the party later on. I wished her a pleasant afternoon and that I couldn't wait to see her too. Then I turned to Misako and she also held my hands. At that point I really wanted to make an effort and try some of my Japanese on her to see how she would react. I was ever so nervous. I thanked her for having me, told her she was cute and that I would see her later. I felt so proud and she was clearly impressed!  It seemed that I had blown her away with my effort at Japanese toward her.
As we walked out we were followed by the Kawaii International TV crew who interviewed some people about there experiences. I walked on clouds on the way out because I was so happy and there was absolutely nothing in the world that could ruin my day now.
I met up with Eline whom I and some of my friends would be staying at before the evening party. A chance to relax, freshen up, get changed and eat before the party.

That's it for part one. Look forward to part two soon.
Thanks for reading and take care!