Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 19 – What’s in your make-up bag?

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I have a pretty basic make-up/care treatment routine. I have a light mousterizer(white container on the left) for my face. This creme contains no perfume and other bad stuff. I'm pretty allergic to alot of things so I have to watch out not to get a rash.

Under that container is my baby body creme. I gathered that babies have lovely soft skin because of the products so I thought I'd use it too. Plus it's very skin friendly and smells really good:)

Next to that are my lipglosses (or labello chapsticks). I have a general care chapstick with camomile to treat my lips. The other is a passionfruit flavoured chapstick which also leaves a faint red/dark pink schimmer on my lips. Which is great because I don't like wearing lipstick or sticky lipglosses.

Above that is my make-up set of eyeshadow (nude/brown colour, I like natural shades) and pink eyeshadow for when I feel girlish. Next to that my brown eyeliner, loose mineral powder and a brush. I try to buy everything mineral based because I'm allergic to make-up. Which can be quite annoying. But it's a good thing. My skin can tell me whats bad for me and what I then shouldn't use.

Right in the back are my hand creme and deodorant. I usually don't use Dove but it was the only one I had in my bag this time. I believe I borrowed it from someone and forgot to give it back:P

On the right side is the rest of the make-up I use. I have two different kinds of foundation. One is from Rituals and is also mineral based and is one of the few foundations that doesn't react badly to my skin. The other was a gift and it just so happens that this one is great for my skin.

Also in the same row is my powder blush brush and my mascarra.

The little tube underneath is a anticeptic creme. It helps get rid of spots almost instantly. I love it. It's also good for wound healing. I've used it for years and never has it failed me!

Well thats pretty much it! I do hope to expand a little in colourpallets for different looks but it's a little tricky finding the right one for my skin and at a good price.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Help save Japan!!!

After reading a rather interesting article on the web, about how tourist levels in Japan have drastically dropped due to the recent natural disasters, I thought I'd write a blog to support Japan.

I can imagine that many tourists find it dangerous and unsafe to go on holiday there!
The Japanese economy is suffering terribly from this!

We need to show people that Japan is still a great country to visit as a tourist! I myself have had a long time dream to visit Japan and to see the culture for myself and see what it's like. Japan is by far the most different and interesting country I've come across!
I'm even learning the Japanese language for when I have saved enough to go there myself!
I'd love to go there and experience the Japanese bliss!

It would be a shame not to get a glimpse of it's history, culture, people, beautiful landscapes and buildings, should there be more disasters in the future.

So please support me on this and plan on going to Japan yourself! Because Japan is worth it.

(please read relevant article about the action):

Thanks for reading and I hope to have enlightens you.