Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

1. I have already sinned in doing something terrible in Lolita alreadyL I wore a black petticoat under a white and pink dress. And no it did not match what so ever. But I needed poof at the time! So bad bad me. I will never do that again. What a crime:P

2. Get my clothes dirty! A nono! Especially if you can’t get the stain out anymore. I’d rather be very courteous with that.

3. Go out looking like a tramp in Lolita. I would rather save my dresses for a special occasion when I can wear it in pride and beauty.

4. Burb! I mean I love to burb but I would not do it whilst wearing Lolita.

5. Sell my dresses for cheap prices.

6. Lend my clothes to anyone else to wear.

Couldn’t think of anything else so here’s what I have!

Enjoy the read!^^

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for Lolita.

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for Lolita.

To be quite honest there aren’t many songs I know or like so far. I’m not too keen on J-Rock. At least I haven’t heard any I like. Here are some cutesy songs I’ve picked up so farJ

1. Barbie Barbie by Aira Mitsuki

2. Lonely in gorgeous. It’s from an Anime I watched (Paradise kiss) which has a cute Lolita in it^^

3. I love all the music from Shelby Clouds videos. Not too sure what all of them are called :P

4. Do Do Pi Do by Capsule

5. Grow into Shinin’Stars by SweetS

6. Soundtrack from Kamikaze Girls

7. Various Disney soundtracks.

8. Anything cute and inspirational :P

Thanks for reading!^^

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 7 - 10 people who inspire your Lolita style

Up untill now I'm not too familiar with alot of Lolita's which inspire me. So the list is short. But maybe in time I will add more!:)

1. ShelbyCloud! I love watching for YouTube videos. She inspires me so so much and I love her coordination’s. She also seems like a lovely kind person to be with. I wish I could meet her some day! J

2. Victoria Suzanne from “Lolita Charm.” She writes such inspirational pieces on her blog with cool pictures. Make sure to check out her Tumbler tooJ would also love to meet her one day!

3. Misako Aoki! She’s my role model!!!! I strive to be like her. Well not exactly :P I think she is so so awesome and so incredibly cute!:D Meeting her would be a dream come true! She’s probably the “ÜBER” Lolita. SHE’S SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AUWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JJJ

That’s pretty much it until now :P Thanks for reading!! Take care and see you next time!

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in Lolita.

1. Money! Without money no Lolita clothes! :( Sad but true!

2. The inspiration from all the other Lolita’s who post their opinions and tips on the internet. I love watching YouTube Lolita clips to get new ideas or to be pulled in even deeper. It’s one of the things I do mostJ

3. The cute shoes. You can have loads of them to match every outfit! :D

4. Being able to combine one piece in a lot of different outfits. It feels pleasing to be able to do that :P

5. Even though I’m still quite new in Lolita I have already built up an addiction to bags. Even if it’s just an accessory it’s cute looking but also practical. Plus I always feel sad if one brand doesn’t have a distractive bag to match an outfit. I don’t know why really :P

6. Internet! Without it I don’t think I would have ever known anything about Lolita and would not have found a close community. Would be devastated if this was not so.

7. Make up, even though I’m not much of a make-up wearer, Lolita have however inspired me to try and experiment with it so create a cute natural look that fits to me.

8. Different hair styles and wigs. I love the different styles they have per different style. And I love that it’s so varied. So you can clearly see what is what.

9. Cheap clothing. I think when starting out as a Lolita off brand or cheaper brands are great. Because you do have it that you change your mind and then spend so much money with you will then probably give away or sell for very cheap which is a waste. So I’m glad you have the cheaper brands for thatJ

10. Overseas shipping! We all know that before only people in Japan could buy Lolita clothes but now mostly everyone can get their hands on them. This is really great! :D

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

1. Chained berry memoir has caught my eye at the moment! I first saw it on MISAKO aoki and fell in love with it straight away. Because I am love strawberries I’ve become a interested in fruit printed clothes. And this one really took my preference. Plus MISAKO aoki is so cool^^
2. Clara OP. This dress from Innocent world blew me away! I love the colour the style and wish to own it one day :D
3. I am a big fan of rocking horse shoes, and therefore these called my name! They’re from the replica brand “An*Tai*Na”

4.This is also a replica, but I find it so beautiful! I’m not sure from which brand it’s originally from but who cares it’s so lovely to look at!
5.I believe this is originally from Angelic Pretty, and is called cookies of something. I first saw Victoria Suzanne wearing this on a pic from her blog, and thought it actually looks quite good so I decided to add it to the wishlist!

6. This is Milky Chan from Angelic Pretty. I first saw ShelbyCloud wear it on one of her YouTube clips and I thought it looked pretty cute!

7.Honey Cake dress OP from Angelic Pretty but then the yellow version. It actually makes me think of yellow honey:P

8.Princess Honey's tea salon. It’s from BTSSB! I was browsing their website and came across this one. I’m always on the lookout for something natural not too over the top. Plus a not to over exaggerated print on it. I think this one is sweet!^^

9. Rose Boudoir from BTSSB. What a love about this JSK is the sleeves. I like JSK sleeves and all but prefer the OP sleeves. And this dress is right in between. Which is great for me :D

10.Chiffon High Waist Tiered Pinafore Dress by Metamophose! I’ve wanted to try yellow for some time now so I thought hey why not! I like this dress because it’s just so simple. I belive that you can make the most beautiful things from simple things.

I have so so so much more but yea here's the 10 I really liked!^^ Thanks for reading!

Take Care!^^

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like.

1. Chili-con Vega! Because I’m a vegetarian I put in soya instead of meatJ I just love this meal!

2. RICE! I totally love rice dishes! I don’t know why that is but it’s just so good, and tasty. I guess it’s my Japanese side then :P

3. Bread, but then freshly made beard. My dad makes his own and I just can’t get enough of it. Also Italian bread is so good.

4. Which brings me to Italian bread with herbed goat’s cheese toppingJ SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

5. Spaghetti :D (again vegetarian style :P) Already know 3 different ways how to make it :D It will never end :P

6. Pop Tarts. This is something my parents bought in from the U.S. and I love the cinnamon and brown sugar one the best so far :P

7. Strawberries! I have to say they’re one of my favorite fruit! I love their sweetness, the colour and that they’re so refreshing! You have so many different ways to make the even more delicious. Like adding them to vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and some sugar J

8. Pizza! Yea unhealthy but I love it every now and then :P

9. Fried rice and noodles!

10. Rozekoek. This is something Dutch. They’re little pink sugar coated cakes and taste so delicious!

So that was it, I think there are much more but I can’t think of them at the moment.

Thanks for reading! ^__^

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in Lolita.

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in Lolita.

1. The first thing I would say it hat fact that it’s so expensive. And especially if you live over seas you have to pay quite a bit more for shipping. If you’re unlucky extra costs at customs will be added to that. When at last you receive your bill stating you have to pay even more than the original price for that pretty dress. That’s not something you want. But hey those are the risks which a lot of loli’s are committed to take.

2. I hate it when I get the question “hey where did you buy your outfit?” or “which brand is that OP?” I just boil over at such moments. Like what do I care what brand it is, it’s pretty and I like it. Just because it’s brand doesn’t make it any better than it is. Takes us back to he real world where you get teased if your not wearing ‘Levi’s’ jeans, or strutting in your ‘Gucci’ assessorial bag. I just hate how people criticise and make others unhappy that buy off brand. It’s really not necessary. I’m proud to wear off brand, and I feel pretty and look pretty in them!

3. When living overseas you will purchase mostly everything through the internet unless if your lucky and there is a shop in your area. The disadvantage about this is you never know if it will fit, what actually looks and feels like, you cannot inspect if for flaws, and returning it, should it not fit, is such a hassle and again costs a lot of money. I would prefer to try the clothing on to see if it fits/suits me. Plus it’s easier to find the style that fits to you.

4. Sizing! I am aware that there are a lot of loli’s out there that are a bigger than the standard ‘one size fits all’ theory. And a lot of the clothing is made it just one size and these are mostly Japanese clothing measurements. As we know Japanese girls are mostly thin, flat chested and small (no offence to any Japanese people, really). A lot of the European/ American girls are different in size and proportions. It’s a shame that a lot of them miss out on the beautiful clothing. Even though they really want to wear it and degrade themselves about being to big. I am aware that there are a few size up clothing sites which is great but still for the bigger brands, if you’re a brand buyer, most clothing keeps to the standard sizes.

5. I hate it when I go out wearing Lolita I get comments and looks thrown at me. A lot is positive, but some is just so inappropriate and hurting. For instance going on the bus and everyone (and I mean everyone) stares at you from head to toe several times. And so you go to sit down and you see and group of people your age looking over and laughing and giving quiet comments about that I must be on my way to a carnival or just plain weird. I mean I see enough people that badly dressed and they don’t get this kind of attention but as soon as a girl in a dress enters it’s seen as weird. I try not to let it discourage me. I at least know I’m being myself and love it. I just don’t want that hassle.

6. One thing I’ve noticed about being amoung Lolita’s is that everyone keeps an eye on you and keep giving you feedback on what you wear. Which is cute and all but it's not always neccessary (as in it gets annoying).

I can't think any more at the moment, it just shows it doesn't have so many down sides.:)

Thanks for reading!;)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2 – 10 things you love in Lolita. (sorry it's late :()

1. I love the fact that it’s so girly and glittery. I still don’t know if I can ever portray it but nevertheless it attracts my attention. I like to be femininely dressed. And when I just hate wearing trousers I’m feel glad I can slip into a lovely skirt or dress.

2. One thing that firstly grabbed my attention with Lolita was the cute, colourful clothing! The cutesy patterns, the lacing, bows, pastels and the list grows.

3. The people in it. So far I prefer the online role models that inspire me to drag myself even deeper into the aspect Lolita. But that’s because I haven’t met too many Lolita’s and become friends with them yet.

4. I have to say I really suck at coordinating. I just plainly put something on and I’m done. Whilst in Lolita fashion you need to take the time and effort to coordinate your Lolita clothing. This has inspired me to change my ways. I mean we are women right, (though sometimes I wonder where my inner woman is: P). I’ve found it a hard challenge (which it still is). So far I’ve learned a great deal. And when I look back at when I first started I asked myself how I was ever going to remember any of this. But basically, just being interested in something, sucks up all the info in to your head and stores it. Which gave me a shock when I found myself lecturing my best friend on how she can improve to be a better Lolita?

5. Like “Millions of Bows” also mentioned on her list, finding info on Lolita fashion and lifestyle is so easily to discover. When being a starter, and not knowing where to begin, this is ideal. A simple set of guidelines and your set. And while time passes you adjust to your own found style and by that time you know what to do anyway. It’s great having all the info out there it supports the new ones to go on and get sucked into the glitter candy/pony/unicorn/rainbow/what ever land.

6. I love all the different types of shoes. In all the colours of the rainbow! And don’t even get me started on the detail. I seem to have a catchy eye for detail and was just fascinated by most of the shoes and how a lot of them are made to match a distinctive outfit too. Again the coordination is important. So far I own two pairs of loli shoes and I have to say I absolutely LOVE my rocking horse shoes! They are the most awesome thing. They look stylish and different, you don’t see many wearing them (well at least not here where I live: P) and they’re so comfortable. Which you wouldn’t say by looking at them.

7. Another thing I like/love about Lolita is the different activities it brings with it. It goes back to old fashioned hobbies which are a little rare or are only found amongst stories from your granny’s youth. Having a picnic! Strolling in the park with your parasol, attending a high tea party, visiting a museum or zoo. They’re just little things that most people my age don’t do any more. This is a shame, because I love doing them. Can’t stand sitting in a club and watching everyone get drunk. Also the sewing, knitting, braiding, etc that loli’s get into to decorate their own clothing and maybe even make their own clothing. It’s as if you’re adapting a whole new category in your life.

8. WIGS! <3 I haven’t got much experience with them yet but I was blown away when my strawberry blonde hime gyro wig came in. After following a YouTube tutorial I had my wig cap on and placed the lovely wig on my head. It simply completed me. It was also the first time I actually felt Lolita when I combined it with my OP dress. More to come in the future I know for sure! :D

9. Knowledge! Because Lolita is a completely different aspect and way of thinking I’ve learned some many new things. These can be historical, fashion related, etiquette, media related or even the approach to a new language and culture. Now who says you wouldn’t learn anything?

10. It’s cool to see that Lolita has expanded and in some ways gave live to other subgenres such as “fairykei” and such. It makes it all the more interesting. I myself am not too fond of the pop kei/fairykei, but that’s only due to me not knowing much about it yet. Maybe in the future this will come.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 1 - 10 things about your Lolita bubble

After reading fellow blogger “A Million Bows’” topic, about a 30 day Lolita challenge start, I decided to follow up on this too.

Enjoy the read! ^-^

Day 1 – 10 things about your Lolita bubble.

1. My Lolita bubble is still quite small at the moment from the outside but from the inside it’s going to burst any moment.

2. I’m still quite down tuned and wear a lot of black and keep things quite casual (to combine with work).

3. I’m dying to combine classic and sweet. Not too into the OTT at the moment. It really depends on my mood.

4. It may sound weird but I’ve been wearing Lolita for a little while now and only recently, when I wore my Metamorphose Swan Lake OP, I felt Lolita for the first time. Before I felt stupid and awkward. And ever since then it’s been going up hill.

5. I read about JSK’s being more comfortable and handier to combine with outfits but I’ve come to a conclusion that OP’s (in my mind) are far more comfortable and practical.

6. I’ve been to 1 Lolita meet up already and I loved it. Though there aren’t many living in my area. So it gets kind of lonely being Lolita. That’s why I only wear it on special occasions or when I feel extra special.

7. My favourite brands at the moment are Innocent world and Meta. I love their subtleness’ and light pastel colours. But in general I love anything which looks cute. Right now I have my eye on BTSSB “Chained Berry Memoir.” It’s soooooo cute!

8. I want to combine my style with Gothic classic to sweet classic. I don’t know why but I just can’t drop the black. It’s my friend for ever! Also Lolita has made me so much more girly. A side I didn’t think I had..:P

9. One thing which really fascinates me is Lolita wigs. I’ve never before thought about wearing one until recently. I really made my whole look complete and made me feel extra special.

10. I’m still a big noob in the Lolita world and really have a lot more to learn. One thing I realised is that I feel very much at home in it. Maybe not so much in the wearing of it yet, but knowing about all the different topics and being able to talk to interesting people. I’m so glad this style exists.

Thanks for reading, take care! ^-^