Friday, June 22, 2012

My favorite things: Chocolate

It's strange really, because I never liked chocolate as a child and now I'm crazy about it.
When I think of cake, I think of chocolate cake, and then of other cake flavors. I believe chocolate is alot of people's favorite sweet. Apparently some people are addicted to it. I can safely say that I am not a choco-addict but I sometimes do feel pressured in situations surrounded my delicious chocolate treats. Or having a sweet tooth after dinner.
I'm not a fan of milk chocolate (as in bar chocolate) it hurts my teeth. There's more sugar in milk chocolate, than dark chocolate.
If I have to name my favorite chocolate treat it would probably be brownie and chocolate Subway cookies. I like doughy and chewy chocolate cakes. They're so enjoyable and just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
So I've included a delicious virtual choco-treat for you all! Enjoy!

Hmm doesn't it look tasty?

 Thanks for reading and take care.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A wish to come true?

I'm so excited. I've promised myself and my boyfriend that if I pass my probation period at work and receive a new 6 month contract that we will go to Disneyland to celebrate!

We'll then be off for a full week to Paris and stay at a lovely little hotel. Nothing special just to please the standard needs as we are planning to be out the whole day anyway.

And while I'm in Paris why not visit the BTSSB and Angelic Pretty boutiques. I've wanted to go there for a while but hadn't the time to visit Paris, as money was a little short. Another thing I've always wanted to do was visit Disneyland when it's beautifully decorated in Halloween/Autumn style. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons because I love the arrays of colours and the fact that I can dress up all warm. What a good excuse to wear Lolita then :-)

Even if it's only for a week, I think we'll have a blast of a time. My boyfriends never been to Paris before so we'll be doing all the standard tourist viewing as visiting the Eiffel towel. Which this time I will reach the very top of. Goal SET!

Thanks for reading and take care xx

Start of my favorite things psot

Seeing that I'm quite absent on my blog, even though I really try to write as often as I can, I've decided to write about my favorite things. A fellow blogger inspired me to do this too as I love reading about her favorite things.

I will start this series from now on and hope to let you know a little about myself. Which is something I haven't felt I've done enough of.

So here we go!

Freshly mown grass.

I just love walking outside in the summer when it's been nice and warm and smell freshly cut grass. It reminds me a lot of my childhood, as I lived in a little village located in a forest. I used to love watching my granddad cut  the grass and enjoyed picking up the remembrances of grass afterwards. I used to throw them amount and building huge piles to bury myself into. I really miss those summer days. I remember that I was always so happy. Every time I smell it I get a whiff of my childhood passing by.
Thanks for reading and take care xx

Monday, June 4, 2012

International Lolita Day and Tea party

First of all Happy Belated Lolita Day! I hope you all had a lovely time! And made something nice of your day. Let me know what you did I'm very curious to know.
Well I celebrated Lolita day for the first time this year. Last year I totally forgot and I ended up doing something not very Lolita like.
But this year I received my new dress:D I also baked (loads), wrote to my pen pals wishing them a great day and attended a tea party the day afterwards. Which I will get to shortly.

Firstly I'd like to coo about my lovely new dress. Which I've fallen in love with already. I'm not too sure what it's called but it's got Hansel and Gretel on it with a little gingerbread house. It's in pink JSK with buttons at the front. Which, may I say, are very convenient. I prefer taking my dresses off that way. And may I remark that this dress is SUPER comfy. It's the most comfortable dress I own. I bought the dress 2nd hand from a forum member. I'm so glad she was selling it ^-^.

Here a few photo's of the outfit (which I also wore to the tea party the day after).

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

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I was so happy with this chord. It was one of the first co-ordinations that I actually felt like a real Lolita in. It made me feel really happy.

Coming on to the Tea party, my dear friend Deborah has organised a lovely tea party at her house. I absolutely love her tea parties. They're always such fun and the food is always delicious. She basically makes most of the stuff my herself. The rest of us also bought our share of cupcakes and salads.
Attending ladies were, Rowan, Toty, me and of course our host Deborah. Though the group was small we still had a blast.

I ate my first macaroon that day. I had never been very fond of them. They strangely reminded me of merengue. Which taste utterly disgusting. But I had to admit that macaroons are actually quite nice tasting. Mine was pretty pink and strawberry flavoured. Hmm my favorite. The one I ate was also home made.

Once again I had a lovely day and I was so glad to send it with such lovely ladies.

I hope to write a new entry soon. But this is it for now.

Thanks for reading and take care!