Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cloud of mist

What can I say..? It all just feels so different now, I'm frightened, well at least now not as much as before.
But it feels so empty, this empty space beside me.
Or more a big gap that has caved in between the two of us.
I feel so lost and my head is in a cloud of mist.
My heart aches, though now it's more numb than before,
I feel so helpless, useless in some way.
I just want to hold you and look after you in my arms,
making sure your safe makes, me, feel safe.
I wonder every day which step to take next not wanting to dwell off of this path,
I worried to make a wrong step, away from all this,
I know we're meant to be, maybe not just yet, but we will be..!