Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy International Lolita Day!

What are you guys planning today? Dressing up? Attending a meet up? Baking delicious cakes or cookies with cute friends? Or maybe absolutely nothing?

Here, where I live, we happen to be blessed with wonderful weather this weekend plus there's a funfair in town! So I'll probably be going there. Not sure if I will be dressed up though. I'm also having this crazy idea of showing up at some friends' with a gift!
Tomorrow I will be attending a meet up in celebration to Loli day! I cant wait. We're going to visit a Japanese garden and restaurant. It's going to be so much fun!

Thanks for reading and take care!

Friday, May 30, 2014

LBC: Lolitas Around The World: Who Inspires You?

I'm back with another Lolita Blog Carnival post. This weeks theme was another fun and personal choice and I was excited to share my story.
At first it was hard to think of a Lolita that inspires me. So I browsed around my inspiration folder and noticed a few Lolita's and Kawaii fashion wearers pop up quite often. These people inspire me through fashion, make-up and photoshoot ideas and poses.

The first Lolita inspiration I came across was Shelby Cloud. I had just started Lolita fashion and stumbled upon her YouTube channel. I loved how she was so experimental. She always looks cute and elegant. Not only did her style attract me to the fashion but also her personality. On her channel she gives tips, tutorials and such and she always comes over as a kind gentle person. Due to work she's not as active anymore but even then she's still my number one. 

Alexa Poletti is not so much a Lolita fashion wearer but I still love her style and it influeneces my outfits too. It was my boyfriend who first found a picture of her a few years ago. And ever since we've been fans. I think what I love most about her most is her wigs and make-up. I love wigs and make-up and because of her I found my own make-up look which I coorporate into my Lolita looks.

This is one of my latest inspirations. None other than shironuri fashion artist Minori. I really love OTT fashions and make-up and she goes even beyond that. Her style is magical and intriging. I would love to try out this style one day. I try to create a sense of magicalnes in my outfits due to her.

 Other than the people mentioned above I still collect a whole lot of inspirations from lots of different people on Tumblr, Facebook etc. What ever I find interesting and pretty would go into my inspiration folder. I love a bit of everything.

Should you be interested in other inspirations? Do check out the list below:

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Youtube Make Up Video!


 This week there wont be a LBC post but instead I'm posting about something I recently placed on Youtube. As of late I have started learning to use video tools to make videos. I've wanted to make them for quite some time but never found the time or motivation to do it. I'm really glad I've finally started because its alot of fun.
I posted my first video last year. It wasnt much but it was my first stepping stone nevertheless. I love learning things and this is a great oppotunity to learn more about specific media tools. I'm even contemplating in learning how to use Photoshop. I'm in the process of building my new PC and hopefully everything should be up and running this coming month.
If your interested in seeing my video do check in out below. I hope to become more active on my Youtube account posting many things that interest me. Most of it will probably be about Lolita fashion, health and beauty. I just love watching those kind of videos. They really inspire and motivate me.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading and take care!

Friday, May 16, 2014

LBC: Your favorite "Two" Pairs of Shoes for Lolita

There are so many fun topics to write about when you're a member of the Lolita Blog Carnival group. This weeks topic is about an item that every girl (be she Lolita or no Lolita) has a lot of. It's shoes. They're very essential. I really do beleive that a great coord is not complete without two things; a wig and the right shoes!

So for this topic I picked out my two favorite pairs. The main reason for me choosing them is their comfort and durability. Which really says alot about the quality.
I just cant stand when I buy a pair of shoes and they break after a few months of use. It really makes me boil over because shoes are so important. Without any (good) shoes we can kiss our lovely feet goodbye. 
We'll get so many foot problems, and may end up not being able to walk proberly later on in life.  
I really love my feet or feet in general. And anything that goes on my feet needs to be comfortable before anything else. Pretty shoes aren't everything (only sometimes) so my favorites arent the most spectactular, but I would love to be burried in them nevertheless.

The white pair were my first Lolita shoes. I bought them from Secret Shop I believe. The other black pair are from Bodyline. 

Curious to know what the other shoe favorites are? Then check out the blogs below!

Should any of the readers here like the idea of joining the group and happen to have a blog, then do sign up and join in with the fun here!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

LBC: Disney Coordinate

This weeks LBC topic is definitely the most fun thus far. As the title already indicates a Disney coordinate. I love Disney so I put together my own coord that resembled one of the characters.
I had many interesting ideas to which character I would have liked to portray but had to consider that I also needed the right clothes to look the part. So one afternoon I dug through my wardrobe and came across some interesting items. I decided to make a coordinate of a character I least expected to make. 

Can you guess?!
Yes I am none other than the beast from Beauty and the Beast. I really wanted to combine my newly won horns with my outfit and the colours of it suited my skirt just perfectly. Together with my vintage chiffon blouse the look was complete. Its a simple look but I love it. 

What do you think? Go or no go?

Outfit Run down:
Head piece: Atelier Dornröschen
Wig: Lockshop
Blouse: Vintage
Skirt: Hand-made
Tights: Off brand
Shoes: Off brand

The look was based on colours from the picture below. There are alot of maroons/crimsons, golds, creams and browns. Lovely colours to work with in my opinion. Also, the beast has blue eyes just like me.

It was a really fun topic to write about and it really motivated me to make more inspired like coordinates in the future.

If your interested in Disney coordinates from other LBC bloggers do see their posts below.

Bonus Picture!

Thanks for reading and take care!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: My Dream Lolita Event/Meet-up

Here comes another LBC post for this week. This weeks topic was a dream Lolita event or meet-up. It was a very fun topic to write about seeing that I could unleash  my fantasies to the limit.

I like my events/meets big and detailed. I just love when there are many things to do, to see, to buy, people to meet etc. For instance last year I attended an event, Kawaii Weekend, where I met Misako and RinRin. That really was a dream come true and I cant think of anything right away that can top that. But if I was going to add to that event and make it even more pefect it would look something like this (just letting my imagination loose here).

It would be a weekend event held in October for Halloween. This also reflects on the theme of the event. The event would be held in a luxourious castle hotel. Abundant in lovely gardens filled with autumn trees. Every attendee would receive a room to stay in for the weekend (included in the price of course). I would leave on a Friday to get settled into my room and prepare for the following day. On the Friday everyone would get the chance to walk about the hotel and meet fellow Lolita's. There would be a lovely dinner buffet filled with delicious Japanese delicacies and an evening programe with fun things to do.

The next day everyone would be preparing for the a tea party held by Misako and other Lolita and Kawaii fashion idols. There would be a lovely buffet to eat from. This would be a mix of Japanese kawaii cuisine and French petit fours.
During the tea party people will have the chance to meet and talk to the Japanese idols and receive autographs. Everyone will also receive the opotunity to have a picuture taken of them and the Japanese idols.
There will be a presentation held by the local Lolita community too. They would present their country and how they make it Kawaii.
Then there would be a lovely lottery with lots and lots of wonderful prizes. You could win whole outfits to small accessory items. Plus everyone would also receive a small goodybag filled with little goodies. Then it would be group picture time and we would head outside to have it done by a great photographer.
After this everyone could choose to do what ever they wanted. There would be several workshops people could attend such as origami folding, bento making, jewelry making and photoshoots. In the evening there would be another lovely dinner buffet. This time in oriental style.

The next day would be a huge market with a bring and buy stall and other kawaii stalls selling accessoies, clothing, make-up, beauty products and other cute things.
Shows would be held. Some of which being music and dance shows held by none other than Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and AKB48.
Minori would give a Halloween make up demonstation and a lucky winner could win a photoshoot with her. She would be made up by Minori herself.
There would be several fashion shows by fashion brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty, Innocent world, Metamorphose and other indie brands.
There would of couse be another chance to win many prices from the lottery and an outfit contest. The winner of the outfit contest could win a two week guided tour in Tokyo, Japan. Kawaii and Lolita fashion idols would be your personal guides though all the different sections of the city.
At the end of the day a group picture would be made which will be sent to you per post and signed by all the Japanese idols. So that you may treasure this memory forever.

This kind of event would probably never be held unless someone expremely rich paid for all of this. But hey one can dream right? I was always taught to dream big. I might not reach that dream but I would be higher up than if I had dreamt small.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: Whats Next on Your Lolita Wishlist?

In one of my last posts I spoke of joining the Lolita Blog Carnival group. I was really happy when I was accepted, though I didn't jump into the first topic. I wanted to take my time and sort out other "life" things first, so that I could fully dedicate myself to the Carnival posts. So here's to my first post in the group!

This week's topic was about your next wishlist item. It's fun but hard to write this one as I have a very long wishlist. Recently I've been eyeing Taobao alot. Awing at literaly everything. Unfortuantely my purse just cant afford it all. *cries in corner*.
One of the things on my list are to get new blouses. I have accumulated so many dresses that I cannot wear because I lack items in my blouse department. It's a bit silly really but I just cannot help myself. Everytime I have the money I end up buying another dress instead. Well I have had a serious chat with myself and honestly believe I can do it this time. I've set my priorities straight and have made a list of items that I will hopefully be ordering soon!
Most of these blouses are from ChessStory and the two coloured ones are from HmHm. These two shops are my favorite, selling the most princessy items. All these blouses are made from sheer chiffon or another light material. Great for spring and summer. I also love the princess sleeves on the one on the far right. I really cant wait to get these, and secretly two are already on their way to me *happy dance*.

Thanks for reading and if your're interested in some of the other writer's wishlists's do take a look below:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lolita Sunday Hello Kitty Style!

The year started slow Lolita wise for me. My last Lolita meet was in November and my first official Lolita meet, this year, took place end of February. I've been having the Lolita blues quite often too lately. So I thought it would be nice to cheer myself up by dressing up and being with friends.

A girl in the Dutch Lolita community wanted to organise a high tea in The Hague. She knew just the right place. In the Hague there is this cute little Japanese style restaurant/cafe called SET. The restaurant part was in Japanese style and the cafe part was in Hello Kitty style. Both the cafe and the restaurant looked amazing. Everything in the restaurant was traditionaly decorated in old Japanese style. I'm definitely going back to eat there again. The place has such a lovely vibe. 
The owner's were also so happy for us to come that they called the day Lolita Sunday. So anyone who wanted to see what Lolita was could come and lunch with us. They even hung up a poster.

When Sunday came around I got dressed in Classic Lolita and made my way to the train station with my boyfriend. He even accompanied me up to the platform and kissed me goodbye. On the train I met up with a group of girls, including Deborah, and together we had a lovely ride to The Hague. Luckily a train from my town rides directly to the Hauge in just an hour. So we were there in no time.
In the Hague there was already a merry gathering of frills. Together we all took the metro to the restaurant. I was totally facinated by the metro system. First of all it looks really nice. All the stations are made of wood and old stone. It looks mediveal and modern at the same time. Plus the metro's were still new and very modern.
We came to the market place stop and we all got out. All our surroundings were so lovely. The Hague is such a beautiful town. Its so old fashioned but it has a flare of new to it too. I felt great just being there. The Hague had me under its spell.
SET was very close to the metro station so we soon went inside and found our places to sit. It was all rather small with so many petticoats but we all managed to squeeze into a seat. I sat at a nice little table together with Pichi, Deborah, Ella and Marcella. We had a great time munching on our high tea's and drinking tea. My favorite was the sushi. It was sooo delicious. But because I'm clumbsy, some sushi well on my dress and I stained my wristcuff with the soysauce. Oh well!

The rest of the day we chatted, explored the restaurant (it has another floor where you need to wear special slippers) and took  pictures. Deborah was filming everything too. She made two videos one of everyones outfit and one of the whole day. See the video's below to see how wonderful our day was.

This is the outfit video.

Should any of you be in The Hague do check out SET. Website link here!

See you in the next post!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Belated New Year!

This post is late I know but better late than never I guess.
Another year has come and gone. I really can't believe how fast it went. So many things happened last year that I am so thankful for and still cant imagine actually happened. I rememeber I promised myself some change that year and it's been hard but I can definitely say that I have built half of my stepping stone. I hope that everything can only get better from now on.
I achieved many of my goals I set for myself last year, made so many new friends as well has stengthend friendships with older friends, gained an interest in many new thhings and have a different outlook on life too. I have expanded my Lolita wardrobe quite a bit last year but still have a lot of work ahead of me.
At the beginning of last year I made a memory jar in which I placed all my memories. The intention was to read them all out at the end of the year to remind myself what a great year I had.

So here's what my memory jar contained:

Sailor Cosmos's Ribbon

*I cut my hair short on the 30th of December 2012.

*I attended the Lolita gift swap meet for the 2nd time.
* I attended Tsunacon for the first time and participated in the Fly Away Fashion Show there.
*I recieved another of my dream dress'; Honey Picnic by Metamorphose.
*I attended the OTT Rococo meet in January.
*I attended my first ever DIY meet held by my dear friend Rebecca.
*Together with Rosalynn we had a photoshoot session for model photos. I wore my mums handmade dress for first time then.
*I visited the Japanese market in Leiden with Rosalynn.
*I did voluntary work at ACE (Almere Cosplay Event).
*I participated in the Summer Darkness fashion show for the first time.
*I attened my first ever spiritual festival together with my bestie Rebecca.
*I had a mermaid birthday party.
*I attended the Baby Tea Party in Paris for the first time.
*I tried a henna tattoo for the first time.
*I organised Rowan's Gothic bday party.
*I attended Kawaii Weekend and met Rin Rin doll and Misako Aoki for the first time.
*I ordered a lucky pack from Holly Tea Time for the first time
*I organised a high tea meet in my home town.
*I went to Japan Tag in Duesseldorf with my family.
*I attended another anual summer Lolita meet up.
*I had another Lolita photoshoot featuring much colourful candy.
*I went to a fish spa for the first time.
*I held Lolita Hallows Eve for the first time in Amsterdam.
*I organised Lolitopolis' first summer meet.
*I attended my cousins wedding in the UK.
*I attended Tamara's first meet in Zwolle and met lovely German Lolita's for the first time.

Looking at the long, not in logical order, list I was quite busy last year. That is also why I am super tired this year. I'm really happy to read this list and think of all the lovely moments of the past year. It suprises me how fast a year goes by and how much of the little moments you can forget.

Next up is my revolutions list. As I mentioned before I achieved some of them but not all which isnt that bad. 

1. Cut my hair (short)! This was one of the first things I did and I was so glad I did. I donated my hair to a childrens cancer charity too and I'd like to think that there is someone out there wearing my hair with a big happy grin on their face.

2. Get back into shape! This has been an on and off thing this year. It all started out well and gradually got worse and worse. I gained alot of weight to the point that most of my clothes didnt fit anymore. It made me really sad but I had to face the fact that I was ill and cant eat everything without having problems. Things are slowly improving and I hope to have some more positive feedback next year. Gotta keep at it in order to check this one off my list.

3. Practice my face painting/make-up skills! Nope. And this is the truth. I was just way to busy to practice much but I did check out many new styles of make-up. Which bought me to Shiro nuri fashion. This style has such a unique make-up look that it inspired me to try it out. But first I need to practice more before I can achieve a look like that. Ever since this decision I've started to practice more and am gradually getting better.

4. Blog more! .This has definitly happened last year. I may not have blogged as much as I would have liked but it was a great imporvment than the year before. I even enrolled myself into a blog website called Kawaii Deluxe. I've secretly also signed myself up for the Lolita Carnival blog. Hopefully this can open my mind even more.

5. Travel to at least one place this year! I didnt travel as much as I had hoped for but I did go to Paris and Duesseldorf after all. This year hopefully Japan and this time for real. 

6. Learn a new language! I did have the intention to start learning Japanese but unfortuantely my course was cancelled due to to few registrations. I was really upset but luckily a friend, fluent in Japanese, will help me this year. I cant wait!

7. Find a job I love! This is a very difficult one. I did have a great job..for two months and then got fired. I was really upset because I was really trying my best and even came out of my shell which felt great. But unfortunately it wasn't enough for that job. They're loss I'd say! I luckily am on a stable salary now and hope to keep this job so that I can continue my translation education.

8. Wear more Lolita! Due to all the many fun events last year I got to wear Lolita alot more! I feel more like a real Lolita nowadays.

9. Be a better pen pal! Let put it this way we're more yearly writer's than we are monthly. We both lead busy lives and keep in contact as much as we can. I appreciate every letter I get from Emily even though the reply comes a year later.

10. Visit more International Lolita events! - I've listed quite a few in my memory jar list. I can certainly tick this one off of my list!

11. Make a wardrobe video! Hopefully this will happen some time this year.

12. Visit some museums! - I visited only 1 museum and 1 exposition. I wanted to attend more but didn't. The ones I did see were amazing though.

13. Do a giveaway on my blog!- Still to come!

14. Organise my Halloween/birthday event!- This was one of my life dreams and I fulfilled one of many last year. It always brings me to tears thinking about this day. I touched me in so many ways.

15. Do more photo shoots!- I did some but not enough. I hope more will come this year if I find the time.

This coming year I've already got a lot of things planned. Here is a list of some new resolutions I have for this year too.

Learn Japanese.

Translation course.
Learn to sew.
Save for Japan and go there this year too.
Sell my garden house.

Thanks for reading and take care!