Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catch up post 2: A Mermaid Party!

My Under the Sea Birthday Party

My mermaid inspired outfit.
Luckily birthdays come every year and so my birthday took place once again. Ever since I started Lolita I loved making them super fun with theme and all. This year was no different. I chose a theme of one of my favourite things, Mermaids. Therefore making it a "Under the Sea" Lolita party.

I was super excited and made sure to let my friends know in advance so that every one of them could attend.
I started making decorations a month in advance among which fishes (which I made in 3D from multicoloured paper), octopi (I collected old toilet rolls and cut the bottom part to make the separate tentacles, I drew on little eyes and stuck glitter gems on the bottom of the tentacles to make the sticky nubs), 4 big jelly fish (which I made from rice lanterns. I simply spray painted them in neon colour's and attached cute lace and coloured string to the bottom to make the testicles) helium balloons in white and turquoise (to indicate bubbles) and lots of crepe paper in blue to make water and waves. All of this hung above the table to give the feel that we sat at a mermaid banquette under the sea. I was immensely happy about the end results and was curious about the reactions from my friends.
And to a great theme party belongs a great outfit. I based my outfit of that of a mermaid. I wore my mint coloured JSK by FAF and combined this with crème colours. I added a net shawl around my dress as an overlay and attached a sea enemy flower on the front. I wore my Lock Shop Mermaid wig and added a huge shell in my hair. Unfortunately it was too heavy and fell off later that day.

All the little fishes!
My boyfriend bought me to the train station where I met up with all the other girls. He then drove back home to organize the beamer for later. I remember telling my friends not to be late but instead everyone was right on time accept for me. Shame on me.
Our first goal was to visit the annual fun fair which is held every year on my birthday. The funfair wasn't that big but it was super colourful. We took some lovely pictures in front of the candy stall. Because the Dutch cake stand, opposite to the candy stall, felt left out we were allowed to take pictures whilst standing inside the stall. It was really funny.
Some of us went onto the haunted house. I was really scared and screamed at everything inside. I remember Naomie laughed because the attraction was so not scary.
After walking around for a while we eventually headed towards my house for the tea party. Everyone loved the decoration and we soon got to drinking tea and eating little cupcakes. Of course all in under the sea theme.
Then it was time for a photo shoot outside. Rosalynn took some lovely pictures of our outfits and a few group pictures. She always makes the best photo's.
After a while we all headed back inside to have birthday cake, which was also in the under the sea theme. I really loved how it turned out. Every year I go to the same place to have them made and every time they amaze me with their talent. I recommend them to anyone.
Everyone was amazed at it's design and also very much by it's flavour. It had a minty flavour which isn't a common flavour for cake, but I love everything that isn't common.

At the fun fair!
In between eating cake I unwrapped some of my gifts and cards. All gifts were wonderful! I received enough funds to start my Japanese course too. I'm always very difficult with presents but this was something I really wanted. I really love how my friends and family supported me with this.  A little while later my boyfriend came to join us and turned the beamer system on. It was on this particular weekend that Kawaii International aired the Kawaii Weekend episode. We were all very eager to watch and it was very fun to see the episode for first time. It was also fun to talk about our great day to some of the people, who didn't attend. They definitely want to attend next year should another opportunity arise.

At the party!
Sadly the party was coming to an end and everyone needed to leave. I hugged everyone goodbye and wished them a good journey home. Once everyone had left I and my boyfriend cleaned everything up as quickly as possible because we went to a restaurant afterwards. Our evening was really lovely but we were both tired and nearly fell asleep whilst eating.

All the birthday cards and gifts I received!

 I can't wait till next year because I already have big plans. So look forward to that in the future.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catch up Post 1: A Fashion show, a pick-nick and meeting German Lolita's

This last half year has been pretty busy for me. It being filled with meets, work, move to a new house and day trips out. I didn't really had the time to write about them. So my backlog grew and grew until I had about 8 topics to write about. Plus I still have to catch up on posts for Kawaii Deluxe. I should be ashamed for procrastinating this long. Well because the year is ending very soon I decided to sum most of them up in one or two posts so that I can concentrate on other new posts in the coming year. So without further ado let me begin.

Summer darkness:

Back in July the annual event Summer Darkness took place again. I went last year with my cousin and we had a blast. This year was a little different but fun nevertheless.

Every year Leyla scouts for girls that would like to model in her fashion show at Summer Darkness. Ever since I started Lolita, I've tried to take part but to my dismay was never chosen. Accept this year me and Rosalynn took an afternoon to take pictures of our outfits to make sure we would be picked. To our delight both of us were chosen among several of my friends, which was super nice.

On the day of the show I travelled together with my mum, boyfriend and cousin's to Utrecht. They all came to watch and support me which was really nice of them. I dressed my little cousin up too and she looked super cute. Because she has chocolate skin the pastel pinks suited her very nicely. She felt a little awkward at first but really loved it later on.
Once in Utrecht my family set off to go eat somewhere and promised to see me later as I still needed to practise.
I was supposed to meet a group of girls at the station but there was no one there. I started to panic because I didn't know the way to the Dom and didn't want to be late. Luckily I found Natasje and together we followed a Gothic couple also heading towards Domplein.

 It was really fun to practise our walks without a stage. We were laughing most of the time as we pretended to walk the invisible catwalk. Apparently most people fell off the invisible stage. Luckily no person's were harmed during practise.
Soon after we were ushered behind stage to wait while other acts took place. Everyone was super excited while last touches were made for make-up and hair. Linda Friesen was also part of the show and her models (wearing her wonderful designs) looked A-ma-zing! Their hair was huge and their make-up was dolly like. Anne's hair was the biggest of them all. Everyone glared at her in auw as she walked past every time. Apparently this look was created by wearing two wigs at the same time. I have no idea how but I totally want to try it out.
I wore a classic outfit for the show. This was also my first ever classic coord and I was super proud of it. The funny thing about the dress was that I had sold it right after I had taken photos for the sign up. I had a feeling that I wouldn't make is as in previous years but luckily I sold it to a friend so I could lend it from her. Such a sweetheart!

Leyla walked around backstage to have everyone listen to their walking music. I was super happy when I got to hear that I would be walking to Misako's Lolitina song. I was in my element.
It was time for the fashion show and everyone got into line. Luckily I wasn't the first as I was super nervous as were many others.
One by one everyone walked up the stage steps as their music came on. Then it was finally my turn. I was super nervous. Breathing became harder, my hands were sweaty, I felt like crying at any moment (of happiness of course), my head was spinning and my heart nearly bounced out of my chest. When I reached the top of the stairs I beheld a HUGE crowd of people waiting for the next model. Even more than last year. Most of them were photographers. I put on my biggest smile as my music came on and off I went...

Click ¨HERE¨ for little video.
 It felt like I walked on air and my head was in the clouds. On the left side of the stage I saw my family and boyfriend standing right in front cheering me on. I saw a lot of other familiar faces too. I was in such ecstasy that I walked and posed a little too fast. I was having so much fun that I didn't realise at all.
Once off the stage my nerves declined and I was super proud of myself as well as all the other participants. But before I knew it it was time for our last walk together. This time less nervous I walked behind Janneke and closely followed by Deborah. We lined up on stage and bowed. There was applause and it was done.
After the show we were asked to hand out some flyers for Mfashion and Linda's 4 O'clock shop. Soon after I was reunited with my family and friends. Everyone was so proud and loved the show. After that we had a group picture taken and then walked into a little garden (the same one as last year) to take more photo's together with friends and my cousin).
Soon after me, my family, Rebecca, and Tamara went to sit on a terrace by one of the canals. It was super nice. The inside of the café/restaurant was beautiful too. It would have been great for a Halloween related meet. Soon after we said our goodbyes to my friends and me and my family headed home.

 It was a great experience and I really want to do more of this. Who knows maybe there will be more opportunities in the future. I'm definitely signing up again next year.

Summer meet:
In August it was time for the annual summer pick-nick in the Dutch Lolita community. I hadn't attended the previous one but was glad to have gone this year. There were so many people that attended even some Belgian girl's came. I've been meaning to meet more Lolita's outside the Netherlands and it's been a ever growing possibility this year. The Belgian girls were ever so nice and looked so elegant. Each dressed in classic Lolita. They were amazed how big our community was in comparison to the Belgian one.

We were quite lucky weather wise. It was nice and warm and stayed dry though everyone took an umbrella just in case. Me and Tamara travelled together as she spent the weekend at my house and we had a blast. We stayed up late the night before sitting around a camp fire with friends whilst roasting marshmallows and talking about silly things. So we were a little tired the next day but we didn't care.
Tamara rocked a beautiful classic outfit and matched it with a hand-made Victorian hat. She really looked stunning. Classic Lolita really suits her well. I wore my princess dress in lavender and matched it with my lavender shoes and cardigan. I really love lavender, it's such a pretty colour. I also wore my Lock Shop Mermaid wig in milk. I really love that wig to pieces. It's so soft and the colour is so natural. I might make some reviews in the future. My friend Natasje wore the same wig that day and my did she look dazzling.  Everyone looked wonderful and soon it was picture time and of course a group picture followed.
I'm lactose intolerant and cant eat too many cakes containing milk and such but I already knew that I would be leaving the pick-nick with a stomach ache. Everyone bought such delicious treats and snacks. I just couldn't resist. One girl even made onigiri, which was gone within seconds. Luckily I received one just in time. My friend Rowan also wanted one so I shared mine with her.
The pick-nick came to an end and we all headed back to the station and went on our merry ways. Before leaving me, Tamara and Dieuwke stopped at Julia's to eat some delicious pasta. Soon after we embraced and said our goodbye's as everyone set off home.

It was a good day and I couldn't wait until the next meet would take place which wasn't that long after luckily.

Mini Zwolle meet:

My friend Tamara organized her own little meet for her Lolita friends, Meri, Andrea and Civa from Germany. As I had mentioned before I love meeting Lolita's from other countries so I had to go. Especially meeting German ones (I'm half German you see).
I didn't feel that well that day so I chose a light simple outfit which wasn't too tight. I also kept my accessories simple. But when I arrived in Zwolle and saw the rest of the group I felt a little under dressed. Everyone looked so wonderful. Tamara was also a little shocked by my simple coord.
I stayed the night so I had my suitcase with me. Luckily Tamara's dad took it with him so I didn't need to carry it along all day.
Once we were complete (we waited for Rebecca and Yvette) we headed towards the park were we picnicked together. Everyone bought a little something and I made onigiri. They were very popular among the group.
Tamara bought a whole bag of small sweets and among which were little watermelon coloured ones. They looked really interesting so I ate one. They turned out to be super sour so I took another and another and another (I love sour sweets). Picnicking was a lot of fun by trying out each others treats. While eating we chatted and it was really nice to get to know Yvette better. I had seen her on two previous meets but we never really talked which was a shame because she has such a lovely personality.
After a while of picnicking Tamara, who was ever so nervous about the progress of her meet, suggested to visit a traditional sweets house in Zwolle called "Het Bolletjes Huis." Here they still made the traditional sweets Zwolle is famous for. The shop was decorated very vintage like with all the sweets in jars. It all looked so colourful. Some people bought some sweets as a souvenir and we all got to try some for free. I had a caramel flavoured one. Not my favourite flavour in the world.

We were all very hungry so it was time to go eat. Tamara had made reservations at a pancake house in the area which was popular for it's delicious pancakes. Tamara made sure that everything was as Dutch as possible in order to give the German Lolita's a good impression of our culture.
The pancake house was small but very cosy. We all sat at one big table by the window which was nice.
Everyone ordered a different kind of pancake. You could choose between a sweet or savoury one. This is something I also found very strange when I first came to live in The Netherlands. I was only used to sweet ones. Andrea and Meri chose savoury ones with cheese and bacon I believe and loved them. I chose a sweet one with banana's. But the pancake was so huge I just couldn't eat it all regardless of how delicious it was.
Once all stomachs were filled it was time to head back to the station. We hugged Yvette and Rebecca goodbye and with Tamara in the lead me and the girls took the bus to her house.
 Once at Tamara's house it was relaxing time. Off went the Loli dresses and on went the jogging trousers and PJ's.
In the evening we played a few games about guessing the print of brand dresses and Meri knew most of the questions. There for making her the Lolita lifestyle expert!
Because I still wasn't feeling that well I decided to to go sleep in the other room. Civa didn't feel that well either so she went to sleep in Tamara's bed while the rest went upstairs. So in the night Tamara came to chat because she couldn’t sleep. We talked for hours and we were later on joined by Civa who still wasn't feeling well. So we went to have a midnight cup of tea together. It was a lot of fun. We then headed to bed and luckily we fell asleep in no time.

The next day we had a lovely breakfast filled with Dutch specialities such as "ontbijt koek" which is a kind of gingerbread, "hagelslag" these are chocolate hundreds of thousands, and "pindakaas" which is peanut butter. The Dutch really love this stuff.
After getting dressed we headed into town to do some last minute shopping because the girls would be leaving later that day. Unfortunately Zwolle decided to keep it's shops closed because of the fun fair which was in town. Tamara was very disappointed but we made her feel better after buying some delicious ice cream.
Later that day the girl's had to leave and it was all very emotional for Tamara. She looked forward to them coming all that time that she just couldn't believe it was time for them to leave again. To make her feel better I took her back to my place so she didn't have to be all alone.

And all of us in our casual wear.  Accept for Tamara who sucks at dressing casual xD
It was such a lovely weekend and it was wonderful to meet the German Lolita's and hopefully I can see them again soon. I got to know Tamara even more and I'm really lucky to have such a special friend. Tamara was a great host and I hope she organises more meets in the future.

That was it for now. Look forward to more catch up posts soon!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Kawaii Weekend- A day I will never forget- Part 2

The sun was shining as I and a group of friends walked though Utrecht city to find a decent bubble tea shop. I could not have been happier as we continued travelling towards Eline's house slurping up my tea. Her house was right next to the city so we were there in no time. Once inside it was unwrapping time. Off went the petticoats, shoes and socks. I wont include any of pic's as these might be too inappropriate for the younger one's among us :-p

We all had a good time goofing around, eating pizza, talking about what had happened earlier that day and what would happen later. In all our excitement we nearly forgot the time. So I quickly changed into my new outfit. I was going for a cute country look and I think it worked out nicely. I didn’t have time to make a picture because we had to rush. I’m always so bad with taking outfit pictures.

Once in the city we headed towards Tivoli which is a concert hall where the event took place. When at the doors my heart started to race. I took a few moments to clear my head to remember the dance moves to Misako's new song. I wanted to impress her even though I’m a really bad dancer.
Everyone had already entered and we were the last ones to go in. One by one we headed up the stairs to the top floor. I was so warm but I didn't care. I was way too excited.
Once on the top floor I was stopped by Danchelle, who wanted to take a picture of my outfit for the outfit contest later that evening. I stoke a cute pose and smiled. Then I entered the hall and beheld a huge merchandise stand covered in cute stuff. I grabbed my purse and to my dismay I found it empty. I had totally forgotten to bring cash. I wanted to quickly get some money from the cash machine but I was too late. Leyla had already  announced that the event had started and asked us all to gather at the stage.
In dismally I slowly walked towards the stage thinking how silly I was for not having checked it before. But I could still get money later.

Everyone gathered at the stage while excitedly chatting amongst themselves. Leyla came on stage and explained the evening programme. It would start with performances by Misako and Rin Rin, following with the outfit contest, a fashion show by Linda Friesen's 4 o’clock collection, a performance by Scarlet Penta and at the end of the evening the winners of the outfit contest would be announced.
It all sounded too good to be true and I couldn’t wait for Misako's performance. After all we had all practised her dance in advance.
Misako walked onto stage and not long after did the music to her song start and everyone began to sway.
Her performance was so wonderful and I really enjoyed myself. It was so much fun to move and clap to her music and of course do the moves. I didn't really succeed in dancing. I really was terrible even though I practised. But I had a good time and that was what it was all about.

Misako only performed one song and then it was Rin Rin's turn. I didn't know that RinRin had released a song too and I could find nothing of it online either. I think everyone was just as curious to know what she would be singing.
We were all very much surprised. Rin Rin really was the performer during her songs. Yes she sung a few. Three to be exact. Her first song was her original depute song Kira Kira Dreamy (which I think means sparkly sparkly dreamy). I liked this song best of all. It had such a catchy tune. The other two songs were cover songs from two anime series. They were super cute. Rin Rin was quite the dancer during her performance. It was all so wonderful. Later I looked up Rin Rin's biography and apparently her hobby just so happens to be dancing.
Sadly the act ended even though I had so much fun dancing along to the music. But there were many more surprises awaiting us. If you are curious about Misako's and Rin Rin's song do take a look at the video below.

We had a little break before the next act started so I took to chatting and laughing with friends. I also took the time to check out the decoration. The were disco balls and lamps hanging from the ceiling. It really looked lovely.
Then it was time for the outfit contest. People could sign up for this when purchasing a ticket. I also signed up but there was a little issue which resulted me not being on the list. Luckily it was quickly solved and I could take my place riiight at the back of the line. I believe I was number 30.
The idea was to walk on the catwalk and pose at the end in order to convience the judges, Misako and Rinin. But before we could stroll the catwalk Misako and RinRin showed us an example. It was really nice to watch because both had a different style. RinRin walked like a model whilst Misako walked like a doll. They explained that we should find the point of our outfit. So to say to find the most important aspect of our outfit. Mine was my rocking horse shoes. They also reminded us all to smile our best and to have fun because that was most important.

Soon after the music started and one by one everyone did their thing. Because I was the last I could watch everyone to get a good idea of how I wanted to walk myself. Everyone looked ever so beautiful and a lot of girls were so nervous and unsure if their walk was all right or not. I thought everyone did well.
It was nearly my turn. I was nervous and I started to worry that I would fall because of my rocking horse shoes. Then it was my turn to climb the stairs of the stage (luckily not that high). I totally forgot about my point of outfit. I was so concentrated on walking right and smiling as much as I could. I think my smile must of have been huge. I always purse my lips very tightly together which results in a BIG smile when I get nervous, otherwise I break into tears (I don't know why. I guess I'm so happy I could cry?). I slowly walked down the  runway as elegantly as I could. My mind went wild. I was so super happy. I made a little twirl at the end of the stage, stopped to pose and slowly walked back again. Luckily everything went well and as soon as I walked off stage everyone clapped. The fashion walk was over and soon after everyone started chatting about it while others checked photo's on their camera's. I felt really proud of myself. Then it was a waiting game to see who won.

We had some time before the next performance would start and so me and Rowie went to browse the merchandise table. I then remembered that I was penniless so me and Rowie went on a quest to find a cash machine. We were told that the ticket reception lets you take out cash. So down we ran but to out dismay it was closed that day. Luckily the ticket sales girl told us where to find the nearest one. She said we should make it back in time if we hurried. So off we went down the street around several corners. We almost got lost and we were afraid we'd be too late but then we finally found it but there was a line. When it was finally my turn I quickly inserted my card and followed the instructions on the screen. So then I waited for my money but nothing came out. I panicked that something had gone wrong and that my money was gone. I had to leave the line as there were more people waiting behind us and I was taking so long. Rowie convinced me to try again and that it may have been a mistake. So when it was finally my turn, again, I tried again and this time it worked. Apparently I tried to pin an amount I didn’t even have on my card. Silly me.
We only had little time left so we ran back. Running in rocking horse shoes isn't very easy by the way but we managed to get back just in time.
As we entered the hall a line of Lolita's, with Rosalynn in the lead, hockey cockied past. Apparently we had missed quite some action.
I quickly headed towards the merchandise stall and browsed all the lovely things they had. The stand was made up of MFashion's shop and things Misako and RinRin bought with them. MFashion had a lot of cute clothes, socks and accessories with them. It was basically a little sample collection of their actual shop. Misako had a little diary book about herself (which was really cute and really popular too), there where little pink glitter bow rings, postcards, big posters and some other little things. I cant remember exactly what any more. RinRin also had postcards and a CD of her debute song. Apparently she made this CD just for us. Which was really cute.
Before I could make a purchase another announcement was made and we were all asked to come to the stage again.

It was time for Linda Friessen's 4 o'clock fashion show. Linda Friessen is a Dutch Lolita and fashion designer and makes the most unique Lolita and high fashion pieces. I was really looking forward to seeing her collection.
I made sure to stand at the front in order to have a good view. I'm quite blind without my glasses you see. The music started. I really loved it. It was really eery and dark and suited the fashion show very well.
The fashion show wasn't all that long but the dresses I saw were absolutely amazing. One by one the models came onto stage in their scary high healed Lady Gaga shoes each portraying dresses prettier than the other. They were all elegant and Gothic. Each was beautifully made with such detail. I wanted them all. My favourite one was the see-through aqua coloured dress. It reminded me so much of mermaids. Even though I could never see myself wearing this dress it was nevertheless the most enchanting of them all. Apart from the dresses I was amazed by the make-up and hair. Everyone looked similar but it really made the picture. Everyone wore tall back combed or curly wigs and their make-up was simple but elegant and made them look like porcelain dolls. Each model walked twice and at the end they all came back onto stage together with Linda to take a final bow. I remember that everyone was very impressed and there was a big round of applause at the end. I found it all very enchanting. You can find a video of the fashion show online.

Credits go to Damien7002

There was another little break so I hurried towards the merchandise stall once more. There already was a merry gathering of friends browsing too. I ended up buying cute little black lace ankle socks from MFashion, a big Misako poster, RinRin's CD and some cute postcards from RinRin. I wanted to buy more because I wanted to be reminded of this day forever but I didn't have enough money. While standing at the stall I saw that a friend had her poster signed by Misako and RinRin and was giggling all over it. I wanted it too but then another announcement was made for the performance from Scarlet Penta. I didn't want to stand at the stage so decided to stay in the back instead. Surprisingly quite a few of my friends stayed at the back too. Even Misako was wondering about. So we circled around her to chat a little. She looked really tired but was still ever so cute and nice. At that point I realized that I hadn't drunk anything that evening so I sat at the bar and had some water. Rosalynn came over too. She looked tired too.

After Scarlett's performance the long wait was finally over. It was time to announce the winners of the outfit contest. Everyone was excited and secretly everybody hoped to win first prize. All prizes to win were sponsored by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. So exciting! Third place went to...*drum roll*... Miriam from Germany. She wore a lovely pink, flower coord with the Lady Rose print from Angelic Pretty. She won a lovely Baby umbrella. She looked like a real lady with her "huge" hat. Second prize went to...*drum roll*... Josine from my local Lolita community. She wore a Snow White inspired outfit. She really looked too cute. Misako and RinRin chose her not only for her outfit but because of her lovely smile. Her character really came out on the catwalk. She won a lovely bonnet and wrist cuffs. And first prize went to....*druuuummmm Rooolll*...Renske! She was absolutely shocked and surprised she had won. She really deserved to win because she really looked like a princess and moved like a fairy on the catwalk. She won a limited edition Baby heart bag which matched her outfit very well. As a special prize there was one other winner. RinRin and Misako had a really hard time choosing so there had to be another winner. Everyone's ears and eyes were pinned on them. The special prize winner was....*drum roll*...Marina from Germany. Misako and RinRin found her outfit very unique and colourful. She received a bag of candy from RinRin's favourite candy shop in Tokyo.
All winner's were filmed by the Kawaii International crew. Everyone went through a outfit run down and were asked how they felt about winning.

 The evening was sadly coming to a close and the last announcements were made to indicate that RinRin and Misako would sign everyone’s posters, postcards etc. at the door.
I grabbed all my things and stood in line to have my poster and autograph cards (made them myself) signed.
When it was my turn, and had everything signed, I made a last picture and thanked them for the lovely day and hoped they also had a lovely day. I really wanted to talk more but there were more people behind me and Deborah was already waiting at the door. Luckily her parent's picked us up and bought me home. Once in the car I came to realize how tired and exhausted I actually was. I couldn't believe that the day was over. I didn't want it to end it was such a wonderful day. Because I had hardly eaten and drunk I became very nauseous in the car. Once home I stripped to bloomers and tank top and collapsed on the floor for an hour. I had such muscle ache and was so dehydrated that I could barely function. But I didn’t care, it was all worth it.
I was glad that I wasn't attending the pick nick the next day because I wasn’t sure if I would have had the energy.
I really hope that an event like this will be held again next year. It was one of the best Lolita related events I've attended thus far. I was ever so happy to have met so many new people and I hope to treasure all these memories forever in my heart.

It took me a while to finally write this post but I'm glad I've finally done it.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Help me out! It's for a good course!

The Red Queen of Harlequins
Wig: LockShopWigs
Bonnet: Fly Away fashion by Katie Zomer
Hair accessories: Offbrand
Stoler: H&M
Blouse: Bodyline
Corset: Queen of Darkness
Skirt: Off brand (thrift store)
Leg-wear: Offbrand and AATP
Shoes: Bodyline

I have very exciting news. I've done something I never really do but thought I'd give it a try because it just sounded too good not to try.

I signed myself up for the Gothic Lolita Wigs Be a Muse for a Weekend At Anime Matsuri contest. The great thing about this contest is that you can win a trip to Housten, Texas to Anime Matsuri and hang out with the Muses of GLW. Not only that but you get to participate in their fashion show, you get to choose two wigs of your choice from the entire GLW collection, you can win the entire Dolluxe collection and you get to do a photoshoot and keep 5 photo's for yourself.  All in all a terrific weekend filled with wonderful new memories and experiences. And of course a blog post to tell you all about it!

I'm never one to win anything but I really wanted to try this and I'd be over the moon if I did make it through the 1st round.
I know that I will not make it as 1st place in the 1st round but as long as I'm one of the first 25 then I'm through.

Therefore I am asking the people who read my blog to vote for me if you'd like to of course. You'd make me ever so happy if you did though. Also share with your friends in order to give me more votes too.

Please see the link below to get to the contest voting page. Be aware that you need to like the GLW page first in order to give your vote. Should you have any qusetions do let me know so that I can assist you the best way I can.

I'd like to thank you for reading and see you in the next chapter.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

My kitty is waiting to spook people tonight.
Today on the 31st of October is Halloween. Or originally called Samhain, which is the Pagan traditional celebration to celebrate the end of the year. It´s a shame that Halloween isn’t as popular here than in other places like the USA, UK or Germany. I’m really going to miss the Trick or Treater´s this year.
I haven’t been in the Halloween spirit as much as I would have liked to have been today but I held a mega Lolita Halloween event last week. So I’ve not entirely forgotten to celebrate it.
Next to job hunting, tea drinking and Alpaca cuddling I haven’t done much today because I’m also starting to get sick with the flu. I do hope someone surprises me with a Halloween party though. I’m ¨dying¨ to do something Halloweeny.
But do tell me what you guys have planned for Halloween. Maybe your going Trick or Treating? Attending a Halloween party or just staying in watching creepy movie´s whilst spitting out your popcorn because your a scary cat, like me ^^.

Well have a great Halloween and please remember to make it back to the mortal world safely. And yes even if that vampire you met is real schmexy! 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kawaii Weekend 2013 in The Netherlands - I met Misako and RinRin part 1

What I am about to talk about is probably one of the best highlights in my Lolita life thus far. It's even better than receiving a dream dress, better than visiting Baby the Stars Shine Bright for the fist time, or even better than drinking remonade (and, for me, that pretty damn spectacular already).
A month ago or so a girl in the Dutch Lolita community, called Leyla, organised a..( I cant even find the right words to describe how I felt about it) ¨Lolitastic¨ event here in the Netherlands. It was called Kawaii Weekend. Maybe you heard about it. It was a weekend filled with Kawaii things to do. Among which a tea party in a luxurious ball room with ever so delicious food, tons of prizes to win, international Lolita's attending, a fashion show, outfit contest, live performances, a trip with pick-nick to a castle and the best part of it all was that Misako Aoki and RinRin were there to share it all with us. My compliments to Leyla for organising such a spectacular event.
I still feel really giddy fishing back through all the memories of that weekend. But where's a story without a beginning? Let me take you back to where it all started.

 It all started with a message I read on the Dutch Lolita community Facebook page. The organiser was asking who would be interested in such an event. Of course many people were positive. It all sounded too good to be true.
Some time passed and bit by bit we were told more and more about the event and it's possible attendees from Japan. We were even asked which Japanese Kawaii celebrities we would really like to see attend the event. My vote went to Misako Aoki and Kimura U ^-^.
All the while I got more and more excited and really hoped the prices wouldn't be too high. I mean with such big ideas and Japanese Lolita's attending my guess in the price range was high.
Not long after the banner and event page were finally published and we could finally see who would be attending and how much a ticket would cost.
I was flabbergasted when I read Misako would be coming. I had never met her before and this would be a great chance. It was in my own country so I didn't really need to travel that much. I then saw that RinRin would be coming too. I didn't really know much about her so I kept an open mind and would just see what she was like.
Then to my horror I saw the price list. I was really upset because I knew it was too much for me to afford. I had really hoped to go and it felt like I hit rock bottom. It was even higher than I had estimated. I think I wasn't the only one who was shocked but after a few days I did see more and more people deciding to go which made it even worse for me.
In my despair I just stopped checking the event page and tried to convince myself that it wasn't the end of the world if I wasn't there. Maybe I would have another chance some other time. Then one night, whilst me and my boyfriend were driving home, I told my bf about the event and how I was upset that I couldn't go. He sympathized with me and told me that it would be okay and that there might be a way for me to go after all. I just remember looking at him and a thought popped into my head. So I asked, as a joke, if he would be willing to donate some money to me so that I could go. And to my luck he said yes. I was over the moon as I kissed him a thousand times over and over again.

Knowing that I could now finally go I ordered my ticket (only for one day) and I soon began to prepare my outfits for the big day. The day was split into two parts, midday tea and a party in the evening, so I decided on two different looks.
I decided to wear my new OP from the brand Classical Puppets for the tea party. It's a pretty simple dress but I loved how beautiful it's details were. I was going for an elegant Victorian tea party look. For the party in the evening I wore my Fruit Punch Soda bustle back JSK by Metamorphose. I loved it so much. I gave the outfit a cutesy country theme. Which is something I've been wanting to try for quite some time now.

What do you think?
It was only one more day before the event would take place and I was too excited to go to sleep. The big day came and I got up nice and early to make myself up and get dressed. I made sure to leave earlier as I was afraid that I would be late..again XD. Luckily my boyfriend was kind enough to bring me to the station. He really is such a sweetheart.
At the station I met up with Deborah and we had a lovely journey together to Utrecht, where the event would take place. She looked so beautiful in her new skirt. She always dresses elegantly.
Once in Utrecht we walked towards the meet up point and we could already see a lot of frill's waiting. It was such a lovely sight. I hugged all my friends who were already there and the ones that arrived later. It was so nice to see them again. Everyone was excited. More and more Lolita's arrived and lots of them from Germany too. I even met a girl who came all the way from Switzerland.
After a while our guide, Irvana, came to pick us up and we all walked towards the event hall. It was such a spectacular place and ever so fancy.

Once inside were all welcomed by Leyla and her crew. I checked in and signed a contract to allow the photographer to take pictures and for the event to be filmed by the one and only Kawaii International. Yes you heard right. In September the Kawaii Weekend event will be broadcasted on Kawaii International on TV. My day just couldn't be spoiled anymore. I'm still really excited about the episode coming out soon. I waited in the waiting room while the rest of the frill's checked in and while waiting I took some picture's with Deborah, Liselotte, Dido, Rosalynn and Emilie. The place was so fancy it was photo worthy.
A little while later we were shown the way to the hall where the tea party would be taking place. There were waiter's handing out drinks in fancy glasses and all people with allergies or non meat eaters received special food just for them. I have lactose intolerance and received special food just for me. It was so nice that that had been organised.
I sat at a cute little table together with Deborah and Tamara and a few new people:Silvia, Kathleen and her boyfriend. Everyone was really excited and Silvia couldn't wait to meet Misako and show her her self made dress. She really did look stunning.
Everyone looked absolutely amazing that day. You could see they did their extra best for this special occasion. I met so many new people it was so nice. I really can't remember everyone but I'm glad I got to hang out with Natascha, Anna Rosa and Rowie. I had seen them online on the forum and it was a delight to meet them that day.
Once everyone was seated we could fill our plates with delicious food that readily laid out. I got my food from a separate table behind the buffet counter. I had a delicious salmon sandwich wedge, a lactose free cake filled with raspberries, blueberries and black currents and a little glass filled with forest berries. It was all so good.
It was so delicious!
While everyone was eating Leyla made an announcement that Misako and Rin Rin would be arriving soon. My heart started to race. Only a few minutes to go until the big moment. Moments later the hall doors opened and in came Misako and Rin Rin. There was a long silence as they walked towards their table. I was absolutely gobsmacked. As were many others in the hall. I was so overwhelmed I didn't know what to do. I think I sat there with my mouth hanging open staring at them as they slowly walked past me. They were absolutely beautiful and Misako was so small. I knew she was smaller than me but she really was so much smaller than I expected. As I didn't know Rin Rin, I looked up photo's of her before the event but I have to say that she look so much more beautiful than her pictures. They really don't do her justice.
Rin Rin wore Angelic Pretty's new Eternal Rose Bouquet dress in pink and Misako wore Baby's Blooming Fairy OP also in pink.

They both gave a little speech about themselves, their rooms and their favorite spots in Tokyo. It was so nice to see where they hung out the most. Need to write their favorite hang out locations down on my to do list. So when I go to Japan I can hopefully meet one of them again.
What I liked most about their presence was that both sat at each table to talk to everyone. I really didn't expect this but it was super fun to do. I remember when Misako came to sit at our table. She sat only one seat away from me. So close! Because she didn't understand or speak English she had a translator translate everything she said and everything we said. It was a little awkward but fun nevertheless. Misako really is such a sweet happy girl and also so beautiful. It's a shame I didn't say more to her. I was just so nervous and sky at the time. Hopefully one day when my Japanese is better I can have a proper conversation with her. A lot of people gave Misako gifts and I felt embarrassed for not haven gotten anything. In all the excitement it didn't even occur to me. Well maybe next time.

I was really excited when it was Rin Rin's turn to sit at our table. She could speak English so talking was a lot easier and more spontaneous. She came and sat next to me. I was so happy! I remember that we had a very nice conversation and she loved my dress and bindi. She told me she wears them in Tokyo too and that her favorite was heart shaped.
After each visit we took group pictures together and later on one on one with both Misako and Rin Rin. I was so nervous when standing in between them both. I made sure to smile as best I could, as this would be my memory of them for later and I didn't want to look like a weirdo. It was a success and I couldn't be happier at the time.

I look mega happy!
Both Misako and Rin Rin received so many gifts from everyone that we were really suprised to receive gifts from them. They handed out little sweet treats. If I remember it was daifuku? It was very much like mochi but it wasn't mochi. All the little treats were shaped as cute little animals. I chose the crab because it had such cute little eyes.
I remember that whilst taking my first bite the Kawaii TV crew came to interview me on it's flavor. They were so close to my face I turned red. Just like the little crab. I was desperately hoping that none of that would turn up on the show later.

Before I knew what was happening it was time for the lottery. Everyone received a piece of paper with a grid in the middle. It was the intention on writing people's names in the boxes and if their name was chosen you could tick them off. Just like Bingo. There were so many nice gifts to win. Sadly I didn't get a bingo but it was fun anyway. A lot of people had a bingo with my name. I felt really honored! My friend, Tamara, did win something. I was so happy for her. Her package included so many cute prizes.
Sadly it was time to say goodbye for now as the tea party was coming to an end.

But only a few hours later the evening program would be starting and I would be seeing them again! On the way out both Misako and Rin Rin stood at the doors to say goodbye, for now, to everyone at the meet. It was so adorable. When it was my turn Rin Rin held my hands and thanked me for participating and was very glad to have met me. She said that looked forward to seeing me at the party later on. I wished her a pleasant afternoon and that I couldn't wait to see her too. Then I turned to Misako and she also held my hands. At that point I really wanted to make an effort and try some of my Japanese on her to see how she would react. I was ever so nervous. I thanked her for having me, told her she was cute and that I would see her later. I felt so proud and she was clearly impressed!  It seemed that I had blown her away with my effort at Japanese toward her.
As we walked out we were followed by the Kawaii International TV crew who interviewed some people about there experiences. I walked on clouds on the way out because I was so happy and there was absolutely nothing in the world that could ruin my day now.
I met up with Eline whom I and some of my friends would be staying at before the evening party. A chance to relax, freshen up, get changed and eat before the party.

That's it for part one. Look forward to part two soon.
Thanks for reading and take care!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I was awarded the Liebster Award!

Before I post about the Kawaii Event I wanted to tell you guys about something else. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that I had been tagged for an award. I had seen this award fly by quite a few times on the blogs I read, but I never imagined I would be elected. It was from Isabell, from the blog Satoyume. I had no clue Loli's in Germany read my blog so that was a nice surprise.
I had never come across her blog before but apparently that is the whole point of the "Liebster Award." It's to help little blog's get more readers. So thank you Isabell for giving me the honor of continuing this tag to help more Blogger's, yet to be discovered, out there.

So here I go!

Rules (secretly copy pasted this Isabell ^.^):

✰Write 11 random facts about you
✰Anwer the 11 questions you got asked by the person that tagged you
✰Tag 11 bloggers with less then 200 followers and link them
✰Ask the the bloggers you tagged 11 questions✰

11 Random Facts about me:

1) I have a fascination with ears...I know it's weird xD
2) My face is covered in freckles (the cute kind ^.^)
3) I love animals especially bunnies, cats, hamsters and gerbils.
4) I love the colour lavender in Lolita.
5) If I could eat one type of food the whole day, every day it would be cereal.
6) I work at a coffee bar but hate coffee.
7) I love tea though.
8) I love to smell the air after a thunderstorm. It's so fresh.
9) I live in a little cute house in the middle of the forest.
10) My favorite pizza is a 4 cheese pizza.
11) Crazy about Lush!


1) I'm not so keen on candy but I do occasionally like any kind of sour candy.
2) Well, it's okay.
3) Drama. I love to be creative, act different characters and wear cool costumes.
4) Both I guess. I listen to what ever I have at hand. May it be a CD at the time or a song on my MP3.
5) I can play the recorder and I used to take keyboard classes.
6) Oh totally!
7)Expensive and not really my style.
8) Constantly checking my face and redoing my lipgloss.
9) Piep Piep!
10) Headphones please.
11) When I look at the sky I like to think about the shapes of the clouds and give them names. When I look at the stars I sometimes get a little freaked out thinking there are "others" out there.


1) Which do you prefer, olive oil or sun flower oil?
2) What's your personal style like? Describe.
3) Describe your dream dress.
4)Whats your favorite cereal?
5) If you could organize a Lolita meet what would you do?
6) Have you ever tried eating pet food?
7) If for one day you could be anyone famous, who would you be and why?
8) What's your favorite Disney movie?
9) Your in a theme park, which ride do you go on first?
10) Do you like aquariums?
11) How many petticoats do you normally wear whilst wearing Lolita?

Tagged Blogs:

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That was a lot of fun to write but a bit tricky too. It's hard to think of interesting question's to ask. ^-^
Well I hope you liked reading nonetheless. Take care!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

PC problems? Yeah! But look on the bright side the weathers great!

Its difficult to write when my PC isn't working properly and there is a heat wave passing through the Netherlands. I've just been hanging around the house for that reason. It's nice to be experiencing some nicer weather but I have to conclude that I do prefer the cooler, windy days. But that's not the only reason I've been hanging around lately. I've been a little down. Why? I don't really know. Maybe it has to do with being so busy lately that my body wants to take a passive break. I've also been having trouble to keeping myself motivated and active. So I browsed the web, when I could, for some form of inspiration and I found it on a down to earth girl's blog. She reminds me some what of myself and I just love her writing style and creativity. Check out her blog and Facebook page if you like: Her blog really cheered me up and gave me my hope back to go to Japan. I will definitely keep my eye on this blog.

In other news, I've been selected to blog for Kawaii Deluxe. It's a cute kawaii shop selling Asian accessories and make-up in the Netherlands. The owner placed an ad asking for bloggers to write for her and I applied immediately. I hoped to challenge myself more and gain more blogging experience by doing this. I selected a few subjects to blog about that interested me from the long list and will hopefully get to hear more about that soon. August will be the probation month and I can't wait to write my fist blog post. I just hope my PC doesn't fail on me. I'm praying it doesn't shut itself off whilst writing this (it already did it once T-T ).
Well that's all for now. I hope to post about the Kawaii Weekend soon.

Thanks for reading and take care xox

Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party Paris 2013

I have returned from Paris in one piece and I have much to talk about. My trip was a lot of fun and I got to befriend Paris after all. I'm not really fond of Paris but whilst in Paris this time I saw a whole new side. It was quite an adventure using the metro all by myself for the first time too. I was very frightened at first, but I made sure to print out a map and wrote down my destinations with a route to follow. I hardly had to ask anyone for directions. Instead I was asked for the way.

I departed a day before the event and arrived in Paris around 4 o'clock. I was glad to finally exit the bus to stretch my legs after a 7 hour trip. It was warm and sunny and I really couldn't have wished for more. After having a little trouble with the metro barrages I finally boarded the metro an hour later, feeling exhausted.
As soon as I arrived at my hotel I took a rewarding shower then headed towards the Baby shop. Luckily my hotel was very close so I was there in no time until I took the wrong turn and ended up in the wrong place.

A little while later I finally found the pink shop. I squealed with excitement while I entered the shop for the first time. I had never been to an original brand shop before so my heart was racing. I was heartily welcomed by the shop assistant, Claire, who was really nice. I browsed the blouse racks first awing at every cute item I saw. I really wanted a cute black chiffon blouse but I didn't have enough money with me so I sadly had to hang it back on the rack.
Next I browsed the dresses and skirts and my was I overwhelmed with cuteness. Seeing the clothes online is one thing but seeing them in real life is another. You see so much more detail and the colours are much nicer. Plus you can feel the fabric which I think is important. I like my dresses to be made out of a nice sturdy material.
At the end of the rack I found my dream dress. It has a pretty strange name actually. It's called Lame Dot OP but it's everything but lame. I really wanted to try it on but I was just too exhausted and warm so I just dazzled at it's beauty instead.
I ended up buying red Alice and the Pirate socks. They were really simple but that's what I loved about them so much. I've been craving to make a red coord lately so I thought buying them was my first step.

Baby has so many beautiful accessories and head wear that choosing an item was impossible. I really couldn't choose so I promised myself to buy something the following day so that I could think about it a little longer.
I paid for my purchase and picked up my Tea Party ticket and chatted with Claire a little while longer. She looked so beautiful and is really lucky to work at the Baby shop. It's a dream job and I wish I could work there.
I left the shop and wanted to head towards Princess Crepe but they would be closing a half hour later so I wouldn't have made it in time. So I headed back to my hotel to get some rest and prepared everything for the following day. I would also be leaving Paris after the tea party so I also prepared my suitcase.

The following day I got up early to get ready. I had planned to meet up with some French Lolita's to have breakfast together but it was far too early for me and I was so nervous I couldn't eat anyway. A hour and a half later I was ready. I borrowed a Aatp dress from my friend Deborah because I don't own any Baby dresses yet. I didn't think that through when I signed up. I put the outfit together a week before and was going for a princessy look. What do you think?

I was nervous to leave my hotel room. I've worn Lolita in public many times before but it was the first time in another country. After some time I plucked up my courage and left. I left my luggage at the hotel reception and went on my way.
It was an interesting journey to the Baby shop. I had hoped the metro wouldn't be full but to my dismay it was. I wasn't sure how I and my petticoats were to fit in but it worked out after all. I have to say that the Parisienne metro is so strange. I first came across a man selling coloured pens giving a not so enthusiastic demonstration. Later on this other man started preaching in the metro. I had no idea what he was talking about but I vaguely remember the word "mort" coming up very often. After that a tourist was robbed and ran after the thief who just so happened to be in my metro. Luckily the tourist got his things back.

Whilst transferring, to another metro, I came across my first Lolita and I didn't feel so alone anymore. She looked so cute and wore this lovely straw hat covered in flowers and pearls. It looked so elegant and colourful. Matching to that she held a straw case also covered in flowers. She looked like a country maiden.
Her name was Aimie, and she came all the way from Switzerland with her boyfriend to attend the Baby tea party for the first time. Even though her English wasn't so good we got along very well and are still keeping in touch. She's such a lovely person. So we traveled the last part together and this time there was no getting lost.

I had expected more Lolita's to already be present at Baby because there was a meet up at 10 that morning. But there were only two people in the shop so me and Aime quickly joined them. Even though it was still a little cool that morning it was already warm inside which made me uncomfortable. I wore a long chiffon blouse which wasn't such a good idea to wear. Oh well it was for Lolita and it was worth it.
A little while later more and more Lolita's strolled in and browsed the shop. It started to be a merry gathering of frills. I always get really excited when this happens. I just love admiring everyone's outfit's and I have to say that everyone looked amazing.
Soon my tummy started to rumble and I really craved for some food. In all the excitement I had forgotten to eat something. Luckily I met Isis, whom I was supposed to meet at the breakfast that day, who was also hungry.

We still had plenty of time before the tea party so me, Isis, Aime and her boyfriend decided to go eat something. Along the way we passed the Angelic Pretty shop and of course we couldn't miss this occasion. I didn't recognize the shop at first. The outside gave no indication whatsoever of what was inside. So we popped in and there were already quite a few people in the shop.
I saw some lovely items but I was a little disappointed in the shops layout. I found it very unorganized and it wasn't easy to maneuver around the shop either, but I was glad to have seen it at least once.
We soon decided to leave and have some lunch at the Mcdonald's near the venue. I chose a fresh salad with fries and a milkshake. I felt very relieved after my meal. Never did Mcdonald's taste so good.

It was nearly time to gather at the venue. I was so excited and my heart beat in my throat. While we strolled down the road I could already see lots of frills in the distance. There were so many of them. I don't think I've ever seen so many Lolita's in one place at the same time. Everyone looked dazzling and I received a lot of compliments too. I think I blushed most of the time.
The clock had struck and it was time to enter the hotel, where the tea party would be taking place. So we slowly shoveled in a long line inside. It was such a beautiful hotel. The interior was very elegant and magnificent. They chose very proud strong colours like gold and chocolate brown. The mirrors were encrusted in a frame of gold and the walls were draped with the most exquisite wallpaper. 
At the check in point I received a cute gift in a BTSSB bag and a voting card for the two best coordinates of the day. I really didn't expect to be receiving a gift and I was really happy. I received a BTSSB gold necklace and two bow hair ties in sax blue. It was all cute.

As soon as everyone was seated Claire gave an introduction speech and thanked everyone for attending the tea party this year. Afterwards the buffet table as declared open and everyone could take some lovely treats. Once it was my turn to take my pick there was hardly anything left. I was glad that I had eaten before hand otherwise I would have starved :-P.
After haven eaten my little treats I got to taking pictures of the featured dresses on the dress forms and of the hall we were in. It was a simple but elegant hall and I liked it. Wouldn't mind one like this for my events. Most of the time I sat and chatted with Aime and Isis, took pictures and admired other people's outfits when they passed.
I was also lucky to meet Harley Harlekin from Germany in real life. It was so nice to meet her. We talked a lot online before and I really enjoyed our conversations. Plus she's a German Lolita and I love getting to know more of them. She was dressed so beautifully don't you think? The time passed by while I daydreamed about my trip back home later that day. Luckily I would be traveling during the night so I could sleep a little.
It was time for the lottery and it was very exciting because there were 5 prizes to be won. I secretly hoped that I had a chance but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be but I was happy for the people who had won. They won some beautiful prizes.

At the end of the tea party the winner's of the outfit contest were announced. I had picked a lovely girl with a steam punk theme. I really loved her dress and it's colour. Plus the accessories were so unique. Her whole look was unique. I also picked a girl with a simple but cute coordinate. I mainly chose her for her cute little lavender/pink curls. She really did look like a baby doll. The girls, I chose, sadly didn't win but the two who had were definitely beautifully dressed and deserved their prizes. They really put a lot of effort into their outfits.  Right after the winner's were announced it was time for the group picture. There were so many of us that I wasn't even seen on the picture. I'm normally not one of the smallest but this time I was.

I had to leave quite soon after so I said my goodbyes to Aime and Isis and went to change in the toilet as I wouldn't have time to do so in the hotel. I half ran back to collect my suitcase. It was a bit of a stupid situation because I couldn't pick it up after 7 pm but after I had collected it I had to wait 4 hours long before my bus would leave. So I did a little sight seeing in the neighborhood and enjoyed sitting in a park with a fountain.

My bus left at 23:00 pm and I was so glad to be going back home. Even though I was just gone for 2 days I felt lonely and missed my boyfriend. But I still had an amazing time in Paris and I was glad to have experienced it.
I arrived home the following day nice and early and was welcomed in a warm embrace from my boyfriend who came to pick me up at the station. I slept most of the day and dreamed of my adventures in Paris and of Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Maybe next year I'll go back. But who knows. Until then, À bientôt!