Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Someones Gotta Start Somewhere!

I guess theres's a first time for everyone!
Everyone starts out a beginner.
Wether it's starting to play the guitare or reading that one book you bought last week and thought you'd actually read it for real this time.
Then again the attempt is always important, the idea the wanting to do it.
Wether you do it or not is baisically your own decision.
So I'm hoping, this time, I'm actually going to keep my own head promises and turn them into some good motivated creations!
So I guess after all this I should kinda start to introduce myself.
Not meaning to to be rude at all;-)
The names Cat, CAth, Mcduff or lets just be easy and old fashioned( which I prefere best) call me Catherine.
I'm round about 18 and a half now, just to check the calender, it's another 4 months till the terrible...19!
Geez I'm getting old!
Hmm, well it's not too bad, alot of positive things started to happen around that age(18)!:D
One of the most important was that I found the love of my life!
And I mean what can get better than that?
Well than winning 12 million or becomming a famous superstar all of a sudden.
But I got to admit it's a great feeling!
Being in love, the sickness no ones can really explain, I kinda know why that is so.
I mean when I see my love I get all giddy and d%$^%EFjkdjhdkfhsdfhd and then hdskhsdd$%fdsaf3$#@!
I'm so overjoyed and then my heart does 20 saltoes in 5 seconds, it's so breath taking!
See, it just....can't be explained!

But yea more about that later;-)
So a little more about myself:
There's a lot to say about this one person!
One thing for sure, she doesn't know what she's doing!
One moment this the other that, can't make up ones mind, twisted into a knot!
She'll do one thing, the next moment something else!
Interests reaching out for and wide, every conversation filled with a million worlds full of inspiration.
At times, nothing too special lingers upon ones mind, sticking a finger into ones nose.
So come and dare have a peek, and I might think of joining too.
Far across a distant mountain you have her staring into an empty ocean, or a starry sky at night.
Make a wish to a falling star.
It might be an inspiration of one of a kind??

I really dig to write little things likes that, thats one reason I added myself to thi blog thing, to ease myself of all my creative-informational needs of my life!

So hope you enjoy every blog that's to be written here be me ;-)

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