Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enjoy life Slowly!

I have come to know that when it comes to things we enjoy that we should take our time enoying it. So that it can last as long as possible.
You can compare it to your favorite food. You've just finished your plate and it was absolutely delicious. And because you still have a little room you'll have another plate full. Though to your suprise you don't enjoy it as much.
It would have been more ideal to wait till the next time you eat it again so you can look forward to enoying it again.

This doesn't nessessary have to do with just food but life in general. Relationships, experiences, memories and so much more.

Like heck why life through life as fast as you can? When you can take your time and enjoy your next walk in the park and actually notice the beautiful senery around you and feel the wind breeze past your face.

Why in a relationship take things to the next step too quick? Enjoy the time you have to together and get to know eachother even more along that way.

I've been thinking alot lately just how easy it is to forget about these things. That's why I'm so scared to loose things so quick because it feels like I've had it all. But really I should just go down a pace and enjoy.

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