Thursday, August 15, 2013

I was awarded the Liebster Award!

Before I post about the Kawaii Event I wanted to tell you guys about something else. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that I had been tagged for an award. I had seen this award fly by quite a few times on the blogs I read, but I never imagined I would be elected. It was from Isabell, from the blog Satoyume. I had no clue Loli's in Germany read my blog so that was a nice surprise.
I had never come across her blog before but apparently that is the whole point of the "Liebster Award." It's to help little blog's get more readers. So thank you Isabell for giving me the honor of continuing this tag to help more Blogger's, yet to be discovered, out there.

So here I go!

Rules (secretly copy pasted this Isabell ^.^):

✰Write 11 random facts about you
✰Anwer the 11 questions you got asked by the person that tagged you
✰Tag 11 bloggers with less then 200 followers and link them
✰Ask the the bloggers you tagged 11 questions✰

11 Random Facts about me:

1) I have a fascination with ears...I know it's weird xD
2) My face is covered in freckles (the cute kind ^.^)
3) I love animals especially bunnies, cats, hamsters and gerbils.
4) I love the colour lavender in Lolita.
5) If I could eat one type of food the whole day, every day it would be cereal.
6) I work at a coffee bar but hate coffee.
7) I love tea though.
8) I love to smell the air after a thunderstorm. It's so fresh.
9) I live in a little cute house in the middle of the forest.
10) My favorite pizza is a 4 cheese pizza.
11) Crazy about Lush!


1) I'm not so keen on candy but I do occasionally like any kind of sour candy.
2) Well, it's okay.
3) Drama. I love to be creative, act different characters and wear cool costumes.
4) Both I guess. I listen to what ever I have at hand. May it be a CD at the time or a song on my MP3.
5) I can play the recorder and I used to take keyboard classes.
6) Oh totally!
7)Expensive and not really my style.
8) Constantly checking my face and redoing my lipgloss.
9) Piep Piep!
10) Headphones please.
11) When I look at the sky I like to think about the shapes of the clouds and give them names. When I look at the stars I sometimes get a little freaked out thinking there are "others" out there.


1) Which do you prefer, olive oil or sun flower oil?
2) What's your personal style like? Describe.
3) Describe your dream dress.
4)Whats your favorite cereal?
5) If you could organize a Lolita meet what would you do?
6) Have you ever tried eating pet food?
7) If for one day you could be anyone famous, who would you be and why?
8) What's your favorite Disney movie?
9) Your in a theme park, which ride do you go on first?
10) Do you like aquariums?
11) How many petticoats do you normally wear whilst wearing Lolita?

Tagged Blogs:

Abigail from Kiwi Vanilla
Tamara from I caught the Frills
Josephine from Frillypinkdreams
Caylee from Like Candy Floss
Eevee from Frill and Spills
Kimberly from Lolita-Land
Yuki-chan from Lolita Wonderland
Violet from Angelic Nostalgia
Chrissii from Chri-Chan

That was a lot of fun to write but a bit tricky too. It's hard to think of interesting question's to ask. ^-^
Well I hope you liked reading nonetheless. Take care!


  1. Thank you! But I don't match the rules since I have a little more than 200 followers... is it still fine then?

    1. Ahha of course ^^ Your blog is still new to me so yeah :D

  2. Thank you for answering my questions!
    So now you know that there is at least one german follower out there
    \(^-^)/ Isi

  3. Hello! I love your blog, it's so cute :3 and your outfits are a constant source of beautiful inspiration.
    I'd like to tag you in an unnamed thing, my answer to it can be found here:
    Have fun :)

    1. Hey, aww thank you for your enthusiasm! I feel really happy to hear that you like my blog ^-^
      I will definitely check out the tag and post about it as soon as I can ^^
      BTW your blog is cute too ^^ <3

  4. Very nice compliments on your blog ☺