Sunday, January 23, 2011

Paid a visit!

It was a great day after all. And YES I did see the lolita shop MFashion! You can't imagine how excited I was to go there. My whole journey there was a big nervous adventure. I had no idea what to expect. For all the lolita clothes I have ever seen where on the internet. So it was such an auwsome experience to actually hold these cute dresses in my hands.
When I saw the shop from a distance already I started to feel the butterflies banging against throat. I felt like shouting and cheering at the sight of it. In the window was a beautiful pink dress with bows, and a creme coloured coat with heart shaped pockets and a stoler attached.
When I finally ventured inside I beheld a tiny shop. I had not expected it to be so small. But that didn't mean that it was empty. No it was full, literally stuffed with pretty pink things. I made sure to look at least at every section of the shop. If I had money comming out of my ears I would have bought something, but sadly it was very expensive. They even had the original Japanese price tags on the items:P
I took two flyers with me
from the shop that the lady, working there, handed me and left. And of course made a memorial picture that I can show here in my blog:)

I've written eveything down that I will be ordering online and I'm very excited to have them in my own hands.

Toodles for now ^^

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