Friday, January 21, 2011

Today I had a good day!

I have to admit after getting out of bed on the wrong foot, this morning, my day was very much satisfying.
I didn't really want to go to work this morning, and did end up going knowing it was the right thing to do.
I travel by train every morning, which I dislike at times, due to it being overally busy. I can't stand the people standing so close to me. Plus they make sure to pusha nd run into the overaly crowded train trying to have s seat, when they actually already know they won't be able to purchase.
Well this morning I was too busy to even notice this, because I was so busy reading my book "Brisinger" from the Eragon series. Sadly I've finished reading it today :'( They're such auwsome books, by the way! I really do recommend. See attched for some more pics^^.

Try as I might this whole lolita thing was racing through my head. I want to know everything I can about this new found culture so that I can adapt it to my own life.
But I got to admit this is going to be a toughy. It's quite hard to work into everyday working life and at home I don't really have much of a day over. Well hopefully with the job ending soon, I will.
I've found such great websites, that I will be ordering such cute clothing and accessories from and I can't wait! It makes me all excited. I love being a girl, it just has so many advantages.

I'm following a really cool girl's blog on lolita and I have to say I'm pleased to have found her, she's so inspiring.
See link below for more info^^:


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