Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunny Side Up!

I had a great day yesterday! It's been awhile since I've had so much fun! It was the warmest day of the year so far and I was loving every sunray beat down on my back.

The occation? Well me, my boyfriend and my mother were invited to visit some family friends at their new caravan (house).
And because my boyfriend being excelent in handy work, he got himself some little jobs to do there.
And I was allowed to come along too:)
The trip was to Ermelo, not too far from where I live (Almere), to the camping site "De horsterhoeve" [url][/url].
It was a camping site for for caravans, bungalos and tenting. There were even people there the house year round, then when the water gets turne off for 2 months, they go on a lovely holiday.
I can tell you, the caravan's I've seen there, I mean "houses" are absolutely gorgeous. I'd love to have one myself.:P
it reminds me of the camping area we have closer to Almere, whers I will probably be buyinbg one this summer:P. Together with Stefan of course( bf's name).
Abundant in the middle of the forest. So peaceful and beautyful witg cute little houses in lovely gardens.
We went to visit the nearest DIY shop for materials Stefan needed. Plus we took lovely pictured infront of a big wall poster there. We ended the day with a bbq (mine a la vegatariana;))

Here a rundown of that day's oufit:
Dress:Victorian Maiden
Headbow:Brigette bijou
Necklace: Gift

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