Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 17 – What do you want more then anything right now?

I've been craving a bear themed lolita outfit lately:P

I've created an outfit with this cute brown yellow and brown pink colour coordination with a cute bear theme!

I'm hoping to purchase it soon. That is as soon as I've bought new furniture for my house. I mean I can't go on sitting only on banana boxes can I?^-^ (Ah the sacrifices one is willing to make for lolita fashion^_______^)

(The dress ^___________________________^)

(Short sleeve blouses in pink and yellow)

(Cute boots, tried to find these in yellow but with no luck:( )

(Caramel and brown split wig)

Bear Hat! (It's sooo kawaaaii^! ^.^)

(I thought the red would make a nice eye catcher^^)

This is a winter coordination, seeing the winter is comming on soon and the weathers not too summery either. Didn't really see the point in

ordering Tea Parties (even though I've been cravingg thoes for some time too).I've added a short sleeve blouse but also have a long blouse in mind, or I could also combine a nice cardigan with it.

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. Aaaaah... can you hear Fall calling as well? Ever since the weather started to lean more towards fall I've been craving cute forest animal prints. Seems like you also caught the bug :P I'm currently waiting for my IW Night Bear skirt to arrive. And I can't wait to try it on ^^

  2. Lovely stuff!
    Those shoes are so beautiful, I hope you will find them in yellow.
    Yellow isn't common in lolita fashion, but I think it's a perfect for lolita! ^^
    I believe someone on the dutch lolita forum sells the wig in you want.

  3. @NyappyAnne Indeed it is a wonderful wig:)
    I would be very interested to know who is selling this one from the forum please:)
    @Naomie Yeah, I don't know what it is but it's the cute and cuddle time of the year, where you need to get dressed up all warm:P Oeh I can't wait to see a pciture when you have it^^