Sunday, July 24, 2011

High Tea meet Lelystad

I had such a blast yesterday at the Lolita High Tea meet organised by Deborah!
She was such a lovely host and prepared the most delicious food I have ever eaten at a high tea!

This was a chance for me to wear my new Sugary Carnival JSK with much pride! I love it so much!^_^"Click to enlarge."

We all met up at the station in Lelystad. We were a total of 7 people (my bf came along too^^). Though the last person arrived a little later.

"Click to enlarge."

Anyways we were driven to Batavia stad, which is an outlet shopping village. I was so cutely decorated and the houses looked so lovely. It reminded me somewhat of Disneyland:)

"Click to enlarge."

We all took some photos as a memoire of the wonderful day. It was a shame that it rained though.
But luckily we were nice and dry inside before it started to pour down like mad.

Everything was home made at the high tea, there were; scons, sousjes (coloured in pink icing sugar), cake lolies, chocolate frosted cupcakes, egg cake covered in caramal, swiss roll, chocolate biscuits filled with cream, apple tartlets, and some more I can't remember. And of course TEA! One girl, Naomie bought some special jasmine tea.
What you do is place the bulb into a glass teapot (so you may observe how it blooms open in the water). It looked so beautiful plus tastes really nice. I didn't need to add any honey at all.
All and all it was very delicious."Click to enlarge."

Though my favorite were the cake lollies decorated as pink kitties and piggies, and the choclade frosted cupcake:D Hmmm yum yum!

"Click to enlarge."

And of course to finish up we had a group photo!

"Click to enlarge photo."

I had so much fun that day, and it was one of the first meetings I've enjoyed myself so much at. Plus the people were so lovely to meet. So thanks everyone for the nice day!

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. Looked like fun ^^
    That outfit looks nice on you!

  2. Ziet er gezellig uit!
    Je outfit is heel erg leuk! ;D

  3. Thanks for adding my blog. I had a lovely time as well :) I hope to see you and the other girls again, soon *hugs*

  4. ^^ Your welcome, your blog is very interesting and cute^^ Of course I'd love to invite you all to a meeting I'd like to organize in the future;)
    Take care sweety XX

  5. Thank you ^^ I'm considering to organize a meet-up as well in Rotterdam. I'll let you girls know when it's going to happen via hyves ;)

  6. Your outfit is lovely ! It's a pitty that I hadn't time to come :(