Monday, December 12, 2011

I have such wonderful news! I am allowed to purchase something of lolita for Christmas.
Though I'm not completely sure what to ask. I have narrowed it down to an OP I want I'm just not too sure which shoes will fit the best. I can sadly only choose one pair for now:P
But see for yourself and comment what you think of it!

Little Bear's Cafe OP

Cute wine coloured purse^^

This is where I can't make my mind up.:P Which to choose? These rocking horse shoes?

Or these cute brown Tea Parties!
Or these pink Tea Parties!
Or maybe these Pink shoes!:P

I really don't know:p I will combine this outfit with brown socks I think and I have a cute bear ears headpiece which I will combine. I'm hoping to purchase a wig too^^
And I will be wearing this coordinate for HyperJapan:D
I can't wait!

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. I think the pink rocking horse shoes would look absolutely adorable in this outfit. They would be my first pick ;)

  2. what?! je gaat naar hyperjapan! ik wil meee!

    ik zal voor die laatse kiezen. en als je echt gaat voor uniekheid zal ik gaan voor rocking horse shoes. Tea party maken sommige outfits te simpel.

  3. Aha je mag mee hoor:P

    Hmm ok rockinghorse it is, dan haal ik later ooit nog die laatste roze schoentjes en teaparties:D

  4. joepie ;)
    Ik ben benieuwt hoe het gaat staan.

    en misschien kom je me daar tegen ;)