Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update to a long lost period

My my it's been a while yet again. My apologies for my little vacation. But I must say it did me good. I've been quite busy in a Lolita and non Lolita way.
Here's a quite recap of what has been happening in my life Lolita wise;

Well I had finally visited the long awaited HyperJapan. I had been wanting to go since last year and was so happy to go this year. I only stayed 1 day(Saturday) but will definitely be visiting all three days next year! Yea you heard right, it's a definite "GoGo."
I think I bought myself crazy on jewelry there^^ Plus two new bob wigs. One in brown and the other a split pink and black. I also attained my first black JSK. It's from Metamorphose and I love it! < 3

Other than that I've been to a High tea of a friend. It was a Christmas edition so we exchanged gifts to one another^^ Of course there was a good share of cupcakes, sweets and tea.^^ Later on we did some DDR dancing to Winx club :P and did some Disney karaoke. It was hilarious and so much fun! I felt sad that we had to leave at 5 already. Together with the remainder of the group we traveled to where I lived and met up with my boyfriend to have diner at a local Chinese restaurant. I've always wanted to have dinner after a Lolita meet with the remaining Lolita's. I'd seen it so many times before and had longed to try it myself. All on all it was such a lovely day!

And just last weekend I attended another HighTea hosted by another friend. It was so much fun and delicious. I made chocolate heart shaped cupcakes:) (everyone loved them;)) I wore my Meta JSK to this event combined with a white blouse. The coordinate looked pretty cute^^
We finished the evening with pepperoni pizza and Kamikaze girls:) How perfect can an evening among loli friends get?:P

Other than that it's been quite quiet in the Lolita life. I will be attending a Lolita Goth meet in May, which I'm really looking forward to. I will use my Meta JSK to create a cute outfit.
It will be a fun filled day I'm sure. I mean we're going to visit a castle. What can get more fairytale like? :)

Some non Lolita happenings include me being being busy with school. I started an arts school this year and I'm enjoying it so far. I've already made some friends and we have our laughs.
Other than that I was laid off my job, which isn't too pleasing. I'm hoping to find a new one soon in order to continue saving for Japan and Lolita. Well that was it my dearies.

Take care and thanks for reading! <3

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