Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Design and Room Ideas

Hello dear readers,

I've finally completed my blog make-over. It took me some time creating the perfect banner and I'm super pleased with the outcome.
I've decided to keep my blog name after all. I just couldn't part with it, so I made it look way cuter in the new banner instead :)
I hope you like the new layout and banner just as much as I do.

Also.....I'll be moving out of my old room and up into the attic. When it's all done up I will be decorating it all Loli like^^ I've already got all of my furniture.
Here are the colour's I've decided on:

Pastel green

Pastel pink/baby pink


I just randomly chose these colours because I like them but they actually happen to fit quite well together. I had considered using pastel blue, but blue makes me feel all cold. It's more of a bathroom colour to me. So I scrabbled that off my list.
I decided that most of the walls will be in pastel pink, and one side of the roof (attic is in an angle shape) will be in the green colour. Lovely blossom patterns are spread all over it in pink accents. Most of the decoration will be in lavender. Things like rugs, curtains, decoration things etc. And my furniture is all white. 
I've searched around quite a lot either on Tumblr, other Lolita blogs, magazines you name it, for inspiration and it was quite hard finding something that I like and suits me and is Lolita like too. I found Shelby Cloud's bedroom very creative. I loved how the ceiling was painted as little pink clouds, and that she decorates the walls with shelves with an extra hint of cuteness to them.
I don't personally like placing things on walls so that I can't get them off again. I tend to change my mind a lot about my rooms's design and decoration. A kind of habit of mine.
Another lovely bedroom inspiration I got was just yesterday. From a fellow blogger Rosalynn from LolitaWonderland. She had placed photo's of her Lolita outfit and posed in front of her wardrobe. I noticed the wall's wallpaper straight away. It was a lovely "blue" flower pattern. Like I said before, blue is a bathroom colour, but it looked so beautiful. I couldn't help but drewl.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. I like your design, it is very pretty :) And the banner is simply adorable!