Monday, June 4, 2012

International Lolita Day and Tea party

First of all Happy Belated Lolita Day! I hope you all had a lovely time! And made something nice of your day. Let me know what you did I'm very curious to know.
Well I celebrated Lolita day for the first time this year. Last year I totally forgot and I ended up doing something not very Lolita like.
But this year I received my new dress:D I also baked (loads), wrote to my pen pals wishing them a great day and attended a tea party the day afterwards. Which I will get to shortly.

Firstly I'd like to coo about my lovely new dress. Which I've fallen in love with already. I'm not too sure what it's called but it's got Hansel and Gretel on it with a little gingerbread house. It's in pink JSK with buttons at the front. Which, may I say, are very convenient. I prefer taking my dresses off that way. And may I remark that this dress is SUPER comfy. It's the most comfortable dress I own. I bought the dress 2nd hand from a forum member. I'm so glad she was selling it ^-^.

Here a few photo's of the outfit (which I also wore to the tea party the day after).

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I was so happy with this chord. It was one of the first co-ordinations that I actually felt like a real Lolita in. It made me feel really happy.

Coming on to the Tea party, my dear friend Deborah has organised a lovely tea party at her house. I absolutely love her tea parties. They're always such fun and the food is always delicious. She basically makes most of the stuff my herself. The rest of us also bought our share of cupcakes and salads.
Attending ladies were, Rowan, Toty, me and of course our host Deborah. Though the group was small we still had a blast.

I ate my first macaroon that day. I had never been very fond of them. They strangely reminded me of merengue. Which taste utterly disgusting. But I had to admit that macaroons are actually quite nice tasting. Mine was pretty pink and strawberry flavoured. Hmm my favorite. The one I ate was also home made.

Once again I had a lovely day and I was so glad to send it with such lovely ladies.

I hope to write a new entry soon. But this is it for now.

Thanks for reading and take care!

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  1. I'll try to attend another meet-up once I've got my punk-lolita skirt made :3