Thursday, July 26, 2012

Busy Summer Ahead!

Finally there is some action in my life. I've been so preoccupied with work, chores and my new house that I didn't even get the change to just sit and chill for a moment.
I've also missed wearing Lolita so much. I got to wearing it for a little mini shoot a week ago for a new Facebook pic. Finally worked out how to put on my short brown wig. I was mega pleased with the out come.
But the upcomming events are going to stir my little still life up a bit. This comming weekend is the Gothic festival Summer Darkness. There will be a lolita fashion show plus a meet-up afterwards. I can't wait to attend. But have no idea what to wear:P
I've purchased so many new things lately which I haven't even had the chance to wear yet. And my long wanted dream dress is on it's way to me too:D MILKY-CHAN<3 (but unfortunately not in time for this weekend:( )

The week after I will be attending Castle fest which is a medieval fantasy fair. I used to go every year but stopped going after it rained every time I went.
But lately I've been getting back into my old roots and spiritual mind and decided to go this year and jsut enjoy the whole atmosphere. I really do miss it.
I'll be attending with another Lolita friend but we wont be dressed in Lolita though. I thought I'd keep it traditional and go dressed in a pagan dress of mine. Nice and comfy and easy washed if it should get dirty.

The day after I will be meeting up with a Lolita from Germany whom I had met on EGL. I had bought a dress from her and she came up with the lovely idea to save me shipping costs and meet up instead.
I'm very much looking forward to it and cant wait to receive my Fruit Punch Soda dress from Metamorphose from her too.

On the 18th I've planned a photoshoot with two other Lolita freinds of mine. I've really been craving to do a Lolita shoot one day and I'm so looking forward to it. I've made a whole list of probs that could be used and have even been dreaming about which outfits I want to wear. I've evern organised a make-up artist to come do our hair and make-up. Talk about lucky and organised :) I feel if I'm going to plan a meeting or event it has to be done 100%. I want people to leave screaming that they've had such a great time ^-^.
After the shoot we will have a party at my friends house and more guests can arrive. My friend has a mega swimming pool and if the weather is good we can go for a swim:D OMG I've been dying to swim in it!

The day afterwards is the official Lolita summer meet from my community. I'm still pondering if I should go or not as I didn't really enjoy myself last year and that quite a few people were very unfriendly to me. 
Some close friends will be attending this year so maybe it will be different, but I'll see.

The week after that I am free from work for a whole week! *YAY*
I have the strangest feeling that my boyfriend will be suprising me with something. It was actaully the plan to go to Paris, but as I'll be jobless after August passes it's not going to happen. It's a big shame as I was really looking forward to it.

And for the big finally; end of September is my birthday and I will be celebrating it big and in Lolita style.
I'm already planning and organizing everything now and have sent my invites to my guests in advance as I want them all to attend. It's going to be a funfilled day full of suprises for my guests ^-^.

Well that's it for now. I will update with more reports and pictures of my events to come.

Xx Thanks for reading and take care xX


  1. A lolita birthday party! That sounds like so much fun! I wish there were lolitas where I live! <3
    x0 Chelsea

  2. Hey Chelsea,

    ^_^ yea I cant wait. I can't believe it's actaully this Saturday. My my I am late to reply I am so sorry.

    Love your blog by the way;)