Friday, July 6, 2012

The "other" princesses

I wanted to take a moment and think about all the pricesses that were mentioned in films. There are quite a few and it's  a shame the only a handful get most of the attention.
Recetly I've come accross alot of artwork portratyin the ongoing stike of the so called "lesser" princesses. But I think they deserve jsut as must attention then the Disney ones.

Some of my favorite non-Disney princesses are Thumbelina, Odette the swan princess, Anastasia, Lady Amalthea (the last unicorn, also my favorite movie ever!) and Marina the mermaid.

I believe that Thumbelina, Lady Amalthea and Marina are the prettiest princesses around. They've got such lovely faces and features. Plus all have amazingly long hair.
I've been a very fond of magical creatures since a young age and I have to admite that mermaids, unicorns and fairies are my favorite. They're so magical and mystical. Plus they could even be real, so giving me the hope that maybe one day I could come accross one.

Her eye and beautiful white hair is breath taking.

I love her eyes. They're far from this world.

Just look at her cute little cheeks^-^

Another little princess I really like is princess Eilonwy. She appeared in the "Disney" film The black cauldron. I don't know how popular the film was but I don't think it was a very frequently watched film. Even so I used to love watching it. I was only of the first scary Disney films I had ever watched as a child. The king was such an ugly and creepy looking thing.
I absolutely adored her little posh accent. She sounded so cute and well bought up. Kind makes me think of a little Lolita maiden.

Another little princess was Iriene, from the princess and the goblin. She reminds me a lot of Eilonwy, as she also speaks very posh. I just love that she's always out exploring. I also love her dress. It's so cute and elegant. Maybe worth making a coordinate inspired by her ^_^

So lets give these wonderful beautiful princesses credit for their wonderful stories and lives they're shared with us in order to make out lives just as princessy and interesting.

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. I also LOVE Odette and Anastasia. They're my absolute favourites!

  2. It's just too bad that Eilonwy is not included in the "official" list of Disney Princesses. I think that of all the princesses in Disney, she was the most "princess-like", with her sense of command and heroism without having to sacrifice either femininity or class. Same with Amalthea and Marina.

    I will always prefer Marina over Ariel. Marina was ultimately an unselfish and heroic mermaid; Ariel will always seem too much like a brat (who got what she wanted) to me.

    I like the Odette from the anime "Swan Lake" as well, and so does my daughter. But our favorite is Amalthea, the Last Unicorn.

    1. Oh yes I love her too. It was actually the first version of Swan lake that I saw. It's very shoujo like^^

    2. Disney should not be in quotes for Eilonwy. Yes, the movie flopped, but she is an unacknowledged Disney character. She and Maid Marian got cast aside for Disney women who are not princesses like Tinkerbell and Mulan. Those two are great characters, but they were neither born to royalty nor married to it, so why do they count? Maid Marian is the king's niece, automatically a princess, and the official name of Eilonwy is Princess Eilonwy, and can you tell this bugs me?

    3. Also, Almalthea is not a princess. She is a unicorn trapped in the body of a lady of court, but since she never married Lyr, and unicorns don't care about royal titles, she is not technically royalty. I applaud your acknowledgement of her, though she is something higher up than any royal title.