Monday, February 4, 2013

Magazine appearance

As I had mentioned before I would appear in a Dutch magazine here in the Netherlands. I have finally received my copy and its for sale in all the shops so I am now allowed to publish my photos as well as the article online here.
So lets not keep you waiting.
This is the link that will get you to the article. Sorry its not in English.
 It was so exciting to be in a magazine about Lolita. I remember jumping about because I was so happy when I received it in the post.
I have to say it was a great experience and a lot of fun, doing the interview and posing for photos in front of the photographer. I felt so comfortable and the article turned out very positive and contained a lot of information about Lolita.
I posted it on my local community and received a lot of positive feedback. I was very happy and love that everyone loved reading it.
My friend Katie (all in pink) has a few magazines lying in her shop for her customers to look at. So clever. And I bought 5 copies extra to send to family members in Europe and my boyfriend also bought a magazine for himself so that he can stare at my beautiful face, so he says^^.
After the magazine was published I received the rest of the photos from the photographer that I could keep. So Ill share a few here.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading I know I enjoyed writing it and browsing through all of my pictures.