Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rococo Meet 27th January 2013

So I finally have time to write about the Rococo themed Lolita tea party I was at. I can tell you everyone looked amazing. Even though it was a classical theme I still decided to go in sweet, but chose red as my base colour. That’s quite an elegant, classical colour in my opinion. I decided to wear my candy house dress because it’s my favorite and also very comfortable. It also provided the warmth I needed because temperatures here have dropped drastically.
I met up with the lovely ladies, Dieuwke and Rowan, at the station so we could travel together. I was really worried I was going to be late (which I did end up being) because of the rain and slush on the roads. But we did manage to get there just round the right time.

The meet was organized by the lovely Anne and Jostine (Toothless Tigers blog) and they did a great job in organizing everything. Lots of people attended and the location they chose to eat was amazing.
We had a lovely high tea at this cafe called the Kollonie in Utrecht. It had a lovely atmosphere and the decor was very beautiful. The light was also a little dimmed down which gave it its dreamy vintage look. I loved it.
My friend Crystal also attended this time which was great. We had so much to talk about seeing that it had been months since we last met up. We had a lot of fun. She looked amazing in her blonde wig and I loved her cute bunny clips.

We were first served tea which I ending up stilling over most of the table. I would have failed in being a good wife in the old days :-) But I did manage to enjoy a few cups of tea during the meet. About 10 minutes later the high teas arrived. I shared a high tea with my friend Rowan because I have much difficulty eating one by myself. Plus we could share the costs which was also very convenient.
The high tea was nice though I was very amused to find that the clotted cream wasn't clotted cream but sour cream. I found this out after I put it on my cake. But luckily I quickly grew fond of the combination and covered the rest of my cake-lets in it.

After the high tea we paid and left the cafe. The sun had come out to greet us as we walked towards a church to take pictures inside. Once inside we were shooed away by the church keepers because they’d rather not have any people of “our kind” in their church. Oh dear I totally forgot that when I wear Lolita I worship Satan. Silly of me to forget.
Instead we visited the Dome garden and took our pictures there. They all turned out very beautiful even though we were all cold from posing without our coats on.

I think this one is really cute!

The lovely hosts Anne and Jostine!
Then it was time to go because Rowan needed to be home for dinner. So we left with a group of people heading for the station. Rowan and Dieuwke bought a Starbucks hot chocolate again but I decided to break our meet up tradition and skip on the Chocó this time.

 When back in my town Rowan met up with her boyfriend and me and Dieuwke had dinner at this great Japanese place. You have about 6 rounds to choose 5 dishes. Making a decision wasn't always easy because everything looked so tasty.
I also ended up trying green tea ice cream and I loved it. Dieuwke loved the flavor but said that you either love it or hate it. Luckily I love it seeing I also found out I love green tea too^^ but that’s another story.

All in all it was a lovely day even though it was very cold. It was great to see everyone again and hopefully I’ll get to see them soon again.
Again thank you Anne and Jostine for organizing this meet and I look forward to attending your fairy tale meet-up.

Thanks for reading and take care.


  1. The last photo is fun to see!
    And you all looked wonderfull, I wish I was able to go to the meet-up, but hopefully next time ^^