Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy "Early" International Lolita Day!

Just another quick post. 
As we all may know tomorrow it's International Lolita Day Summer Edition! I'm posting my wishes now because I wont be able to tomorrow because I will be in the UK attending a wedding! Yay for the first wedding since 12 years! *WootWoot*
I unfortunately wont be dressing up in Lolita because I have a very limited amount of space in my suitcase but will be celebrating at heart in my own way that day! Maybe treat myself to a cream tea? *hmmm*
I'll be in the area London, Norwich and Gt. Yarmouth and if any Lolita's around would like to say hi and share some love that would be fun!
Do let me know what you will be doing, or did on this glorious day, I 'd love to know!

Bye bye for now!
Lots of love from Cat and Señor Vanilla!


  1. I hope you have fun at the wedding! Have a safe trip.