Thursday, June 13, 2013

Big update with great news!

I nearly went through the roof when I beheld my e-mail inbox the other day. As I recall, reading through my resolution list, I wanted to visit some more international Lolita events like the tea parties from Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty. Well I can safely confirm that I am officially an attendee of the Baby the Stars Shine Bright tea party. I just can't believe my luck and I'm so happy! Some friends have also been elected and it's going to be a blast. I can't wait until I leave for Paris. It is going to be a short trip sadly because my saving pot isn't that huge at the moment with another event planned too. But a stop at the Loli shops is still on my agenda of things to do while in Paris.

Which brings me to my other great update. A Dutch Lolita, and owner of MFashion, has organised a Lolita Kawaii meet where Misako, Rin Rin Doll and more will be attending. It's a whole weekend event with a tea party Saturday during the day and a evening party with a performance from Misako herself along with a fashion show, outfit competition and so much more. The planning for Sunday is a trip to a castle with the Japanese celebrities and a lovely pick-nick. I probably wont be attending that one but I will have to see how for my budget can stretch.
The concept, of the event, had been flying around for a while and yesterday the tickets where finally released. It was a shock to see the prices though. I wasn't sure if I would be able to attend and was very sad. But after a kind donation from my wonderful boyfriend I safely snatched my ticket. I really couldn't be happier and I just love that my schedule for the summer is filling up nicely. Wearing Lolita more often was a resolution this year after all.

Other events coming up are Lolitopolis (organised by me), Almere Cosplay Event (I will be presenting a quiz show in Lolita) Summer darkness (there will be a Lolita fashion show) Dutch Lolita Summer meet, Abunai and  Frock on! But more on those in another post!

If any any of you are attending any of the meets above do let me know and we can share love!
Thanks for reading and take care!

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