Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Japantag and Lolitopolis Summer Meet!

I've been quite busy the last few weeks with being ill this last week that I didn't get the chance to write about Japantag and my own Lolita meet up. But don't fret I'll give you a recap of the last months.
Japantag was amazing. It was the first time I attended and even though the weather wasn't all that nice I and my family had a great time.
I was lucky that my German family lived close by so me, my boyfriend and my mum stayed over for the weekend. I was really excited to see some German Lolita's there. I had heard so many nice things about them and how active their community is.
The day was filled mostly with food, merchandise, picture taking and fun though I didn't really get to take part in any of the activities at the booths because it was so full.
I did see some awesome Cosplays, one of which was from Naruto. I have no idea what the character is called but he carried this HUGE sword. It was very impressive. Shame I didn't dare to get a picture though. 
And one of the most amazing things happened. I had given myself the task to find an Alpacasso, seeing that I didn't find one at previous events. It was my boyfriend who spotted them near the end of the day. I just simply snatched my purse and payed the guy at the stall. In my Ecstasy it didn't even occur to me that my boyfriend wanted to buy it for me. xD
We finished the day with home-made pizza by my aunt when we got back to her house. And we watched the fireworks on TV.

Me and a beautiful Lolita, Manilla and sushi!
Last Sunday my first Lolitopolis Summer Edition Event took place, which I am very proud of. I started the Lolitopolis community a few years ago wanting to bring people together at meets. This year I wanted to top it up with my first event. I hope to repeat the event every year combining it with my fashion line Christeline. And in October I will host a spectacular Lolita Halloween event in the name of Lolitopolis.

Coming back to the Summer meet, we all met up in Amsterdam and headed towards the bag museum. I had walked past this museum months on end and always told myself to one day go inside and have a look. Well I'm glad we did this time because it was absolutely beautiful from the inside. It was so elegantly decorated and they had the cutest tea room.
We started our tour right at the top of the museum. I felt like a real lady gliding up the old fashioned stairs to the top floor.
I handed out quizzes to everyone and explained that they could win great prizes. Everyone was super excited and off we went to explore the museum. The oldest bag at the museum was an old leather bag dating back at least 200 years. That was pretty amazing.

After about an hour, and me being sick with the fever, we went to sit in the tea room to have something to drink. It was so nice just sitting there taking pictures, chatting and sipping on our refreshments. Even the toilets were picture worthy.
After a long while I decided to hand out the first sets of prizes for the best three coordinates. Sanniya, Dido and Tamara won. I have to say everyone was dressed so beautifully it was really hard to choose but I was happy the winner's loved their prizes.
After some time we picked up our tour again and munched on some delicious home made rose and Lady grey macaroons by Naomie. They were so delicious. Naomie you need to make these Lady grey macaroons more often.
Not long after we finished the tour I checked the quizzes and selected two winner's with the highest score; Tamara and Sanniya. But the two people who hadn't won anything didn't leave empty handed of course.

It was then time to eat Frozz. For the ones that don't know what Frozz is it's a frozen yogurt dessert which is normally topped with fruit, chocolate, muesli etc. All in all it's just really delicious. Apparently in America there are more sweet toppings but the Europe concept exists of more fruit toppings.
We still had some time to kill so we did a little shopping at Accessorize and walked around Rembrandt plein in Amsterdam. It was very lively with music and a little market. A little while later we took the tram to the restaurant that we would be eating at.
We all couldn't wait to eat our food at the Japanese Pancake World restaurant. We met up with two other girly friends, who couldn't make it to the museum, there. We all had preordered a okonomiyaki's with different toppings and we were very curious how this food would taste. 
I chose a Hiroshima sea food special okonomiyaki and it was the most interesting thing  had every eaten, accept for snails they just taste plain weird.
I really liked my dish and it was a lot of fun to eat. From the whole group only two were not so fond of their okonomiyaki. But to make up for their loss we had green tea ice cream with black sesame ice cream and vanilla ice cream. Some people had a crepe with it too. I have to admit that I really love black sesame ice cream. I had read about it on my friend Rosalynn's blog post whilst she was in Japan and I was very eager to try it too.
It was already getting late and we all needed to retreat to our homes. It was a lovely day and it was a great first event for Lolitopolis.

The classic Koetie face, Mona Lisa me and okonomiyaki.
Whilst finishing this post I am preparing for my trip to Paris. I am super excited and can't wait to experience the tea party for the first time.
I also finished my event poster and will be handing it out to fellow frills in Paris.I am supper excited to tell people more about the Halloween event. I will of course post about it here too.
Should any of you readers be at the BTSSB Tea Party in Paris don't forget to say "hi." I always love meeting new people.

Thanks for reading an take care.

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