Monday, July 15, 2013

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party Paris 2013

I have returned from Paris in one piece and I have much to talk about. My trip was a lot of fun and I got to befriend Paris after all. I'm not really fond of Paris but whilst in Paris this time I saw a whole new side. It was quite an adventure using the metro all by myself for the first time too. I was very frightened at first, but I made sure to print out a map and wrote down my destinations with a route to follow. I hardly had to ask anyone for directions. Instead I was asked for the way.

I departed a day before the event and arrived in Paris around 4 o'clock. I was glad to finally exit the bus to stretch my legs after a 7 hour trip. It was warm and sunny and I really couldn't have wished for more. After having a little trouble with the metro barrages I finally boarded the metro an hour later, feeling exhausted.
As soon as I arrived at my hotel I took a rewarding shower then headed towards the Baby shop. Luckily my hotel was very close so I was there in no time until I took the wrong turn and ended up in the wrong place.

A little while later I finally found the pink shop. I squealed with excitement while I entered the shop for the first time. I had never been to an original brand shop before so my heart was racing. I was heartily welcomed by the shop assistant, Claire, who was really nice. I browsed the blouse racks first awing at every cute item I saw. I really wanted a cute black chiffon blouse but I didn't have enough money with me so I sadly had to hang it back on the rack.
Next I browsed the dresses and skirts and my was I overwhelmed with cuteness. Seeing the clothes online is one thing but seeing them in real life is another. You see so much more detail and the colours are much nicer. Plus you can feel the fabric which I think is important. I like my dresses to be made out of a nice sturdy material.
At the end of the rack I found my dream dress. It has a pretty strange name actually. It's called Lame Dot OP but it's everything but lame. I really wanted to try it on but I was just too exhausted and warm so I just dazzled at it's beauty instead.
I ended up buying red Alice and the Pirate socks. They were really simple but that's what I loved about them so much. I've been craving to make a red coord lately so I thought buying them was my first step.

Baby has so many beautiful accessories and head wear that choosing an item was impossible. I really couldn't choose so I promised myself to buy something the following day so that I could think about it a little longer.
I paid for my purchase and picked up my Tea Party ticket and chatted with Claire a little while longer. She looked so beautiful and is really lucky to work at the Baby shop. It's a dream job and I wish I could work there.
I left the shop and wanted to head towards Princess Crepe but they would be closing a half hour later so I wouldn't have made it in time. So I headed back to my hotel to get some rest and prepared everything for the following day. I would also be leaving Paris after the tea party so I also prepared my suitcase.

The following day I got up early to get ready. I had planned to meet up with some French Lolita's to have breakfast together but it was far too early for me and I was so nervous I couldn't eat anyway. A hour and a half later I was ready. I borrowed a Aatp dress from my friend Deborah because I don't own any Baby dresses yet. I didn't think that through when I signed up. I put the outfit together a week before and was going for a princessy look. What do you think?

I was nervous to leave my hotel room. I've worn Lolita in public many times before but it was the first time in another country. After some time I plucked up my courage and left. I left my luggage at the hotel reception and went on my way.
It was an interesting journey to the Baby shop. I had hoped the metro wouldn't be full but to my dismay it was. I wasn't sure how I and my petticoats were to fit in but it worked out after all. I have to say that the Parisienne metro is so strange. I first came across a man selling coloured pens giving a not so enthusiastic demonstration. Later on this other man started preaching in the metro. I had no idea what he was talking about but I vaguely remember the word "mort" coming up very often. After that a tourist was robbed and ran after the thief who just so happened to be in my metro. Luckily the tourist got his things back.

Whilst transferring, to another metro, I came across my first Lolita and I didn't feel so alone anymore. She looked so cute and wore this lovely straw hat covered in flowers and pearls. It looked so elegant and colourful. Matching to that she held a straw case also covered in flowers. She looked like a country maiden.
Her name was Aimie, and she came all the way from Switzerland with her boyfriend to attend the Baby tea party for the first time. Even though her English wasn't so good we got along very well and are still keeping in touch. She's such a lovely person. So we traveled the last part together and this time there was no getting lost.

I had expected more Lolita's to already be present at Baby because there was a meet up at 10 that morning. But there were only two people in the shop so me and Aime quickly joined them. Even though it was still a little cool that morning it was already warm inside which made me uncomfortable. I wore a long chiffon blouse which wasn't such a good idea to wear. Oh well it was for Lolita and it was worth it.
A little while later more and more Lolita's strolled in and browsed the shop. It started to be a merry gathering of frills. I always get really excited when this happens. I just love admiring everyone's outfit's and I have to say that everyone looked amazing.
Soon my tummy started to rumble and I really craved for some food. In all the excitement I had forgotten to eat something. Luckily I met Isis, whom I was supposed to meet at the breakfast that day, who was also hungry.

We still had plenty of time before the tea party so me, Isis, Aime and her boyfriend decided to go eat something. Along the way we passed the Angelic Pretty shop and of course we couldn't miss this occasion. I didn't recognize the shop at first. The outside gave no indication whatsoever of what was inside. So we popped in and there were already quite a few people in the shop.
I saw some lovely items but I was a little disappointed in the shops layout. I found it very unorganized and it wasn't easy to maneuver around the shop either, but I was glad to have seen it at least once.
We soon decided to leave and have some lunch at the Mcdonald's near the venue. I chose a fresh salad with fries and a milkshake. I felt very relieved after my meal. Never did Mcdonald's taste so good.

It was nearly time to gather at the venue. I was so excited and my heart beat in my throat. While we strolled down the road I could already see lots of frills in the distance. There were so many of them. I don't think I've ever seen so many Lolita's in one place at the same time. Everyone looked dazzling and I received a lot of compliments too. I think I blushed most of the time.
The clock had struck and it was time to enter the hotel, where the tea party would be taking place. So we slowly shoveled in a long line inside. It was such a beautiful hotel. The interior was very elegant and magnificent. They chose very proud strong colours like gold and chocolate brown. The mirrors were encrusted in a frame of gold and the walls were draped with the most exquisite wallpaper. 
At the check in point I received a cute gift in a BTSSB bag and a voting card for the two best coordinates of the day. I really didn't expect to be receiving a gift and I was really happy. I received a BTSSB gold necklace and two bow hair ties in sax blue. It was all cute.

As soon as everyone was seated Claire gave an introduction speech and thanked everyone for attending the tea party this year. Afterwards the buffet table as declared open and everyone could take some lovely treats. Once it was my turn to take my pick there was hardly anything left. I was glad that I had eaten before hand otherwise I would have starved :-P.
After haven eaten my little treats I got to taking pictures of the featured dresses on the dress forms and of the hall we were in. It was a simple but elegant hall and I liked it. Wouldn't mind one like this for my events. Most of the time I sat and chatted with Aime and Isis, took pictures and admired other people's outfits when they passed.
I was also lucky to meet Harley Harlekin from Germany in real life. It was so nice to meet her. We talked a lot online before and I really enjoyed our conversations. Plus she's a German Lolita and I love getting to know more of them. She was dressed so beautifully don't you think? The time passed by while I daydreamed about my trip back home later that day. Luckily I would be traveling during the night so I could sleep a little.
It was time for the lottery and it was very exciting because there were 5 prizes to be won. I secretly hoped that I had a chance but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be but I was happy for the people who had won. They won some beautiful prizes.

At the end of the tea party the winner's of the outfit contest were announced. I had picked a lovely girl with a steam punk theme. I really loved her dress and it's colour. Plus the accessories were so unique. Her whole look was unique. I also picked a girl with a simple but cute coordinate. I mainly chose her for her cute little lavender/pink curls. She really did look like a baby doll. The girls, I chose, sadly didn't win but the two who had were definitely beautifully dressed and deserved their prizes. They really put a lot of effort into their outfits.  Right after the winner's were announced it was time for the group picture. There were so many of us that I wasn't even seen on the picture. I'm normally not one of the smallest but this time I was.

I had to leave quite soon after so I said my goodbyes to Aime and Isis and went to change in the toilet as I wouldn't have time to do so in the hotel. I half ran back to collect my suitcase. It was a bit of a stupid situation because I couldn't pick it up after 7 pm but after I had collected it I had to wait 4 hours long before my bus would leave. So I did a little sight seeing in the neighborhood and enjoyed sitting in a park with a fountain.

My bus left at 23:00 pm and I was so glad to be going back home. Even though I was just gone for 2 days I felt lonely and missed my boyfriend. But I still had an amazing time in Paris and I was glad to have experienced it.
I arrived home the following day nice and early and was welcomed in a warm embrace from my boyfriend who came to pick me up at the station. I slept most of the day and dreamed of my adventures in Paris and of Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Maybe next year I'll go back. But who knows. Until then, À bientôt!


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