Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catch up post 2: A Mermaid Party!

My Under the Sea Birthday Party

My mermaid inspired outfit.
Luckily birthdays come every year and so my birthday took place once again. Ever since I started Lolita I loved making them super fun with theme and all. This year was no different. I chose a theme of one of my favourite things, Mermaids. Therefore making it a "Under the Sea" Lolita party.

I was super excited and made sure to let my friends know in advance so that every one of them could attend.
I started making decorations a month in advance among which fishes (which I made in 3D from multicoloured paper), octopi (I collected old toilet rolls and cut the bottom part to make the separate tentacles, I drew on little eyes and stuck glitter gems on the bottom of the tentacles to make the sticky nubs), 4 big jelly fish (which I made from rice lanterns. I simply spray painted them in neon colour's and attached cute lace and coloured string to the bottom to make the testicles) helium balloons in white and turquoise (to indicate bubbles) and lots of crepe paper in blue to make water and waves. All of this hung above the table to give the feel that we sat at a mermaid banquette under the sea. I was immensely happy about the end results and was curious about the reactions from my friends.
And to a great theme party belongs a great outfit. I based my outfit of that of a mermaid. I wore my mint coloured JSK by FAF and combined this with crème colours. I added a net shawl around my dress as an overlay and attached a sea enemy flower on the front. I wore my Lock Shop Mermaid wig and added a huge shell in my hair. Unfortunately it was too heavy and fell off later that day.

All the little fishes!
My boyfriend bought me to the train station where I met up with all the other girls. He then drove back home to organize the beamer for later. I remember telling my friends not to be late but instead everyone was right on time accept for me. Shame on me.
Our first goal was to visit the annual fun fair which is held every year on my birthday. The funfair wasn't that big but it was super colourful. We took some lovely pictures in front of the candy stall. Because the Dutch cake stand, opposite to the candy stall, felt left out we were allowed to take pictures whilst standing inside the stall. It was really funny.
Some of us went onto the haunted house. I was really scared and screamed at everything inside. I remember Naomie laughed because the attraction was so not scary.
After walking around for a while we eventually headed towards my house for the tea party. Everyone loved the decoration and we soon got to drinking tea and eating little cupcakes. Of course all in under the sea theme.
Then it was time for a photo shoot outside. Rosalynn took some lovely pictures of our outfits and a few group pictures. She always makes the best photo's.
After a while we all headed back inside to have birthday cake, which was also in the under the sea theme. I really loved how it turned out. Every year I go to the same place to have them made and every time they amaze me with their talent. I recommend them to anyone.
Everyone was amazed at it's design and also very much by it's flavour. It had a minty flavour which isn't a common flavour for cake, but I love everything that isn't common.

At the fun fair!
In between eating cake I unwrapped some of my gifts and cards. All gifts were wonderful! I received enough funds to start my Japanese course too. I'm always very difficult with presents but this was something I really wanted. I really love how my friends and family supported me with this.  A little while later my boyfriend came to join us and turned the beamer system on. It was on this particular weekend that Kawaii International aired the Kawaii Weekend episode. We were all very eager to watch and it was very fun to see the episode for first time. It was also fun to talk about our great day to some of the people, who didn't attend. They definitely want to attend next year should another opportunity arise.

At the party!
Sadly the party was coming to an end and everyone needed to leave. I hugged everyone goodbye and wished them a good journey home. Once everyone had left I and my boyfriend cleaned everything up as quickly as possible because we went to a restaurant afterwards. Our evening was really lovely but we were both tired and nearly fell asleep whilst eating.

All the birthday cards and gifts I received!

 I can't wait till next year because I already have big plans. So look forward to that in the future.

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