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Kawaii Weekend- A day I will never forget- Part 2

The sun was shining as I and a group of friends walked though Utrecht city to find a decent bubble tea shop. I could not have been happier as we continued travelling towards Eline's house slurping up my tea. Her house was right next to the city so we were there in no time. Once inside it was unwrapping time. Off went the petticoats, shoes and socks. I wont include any of pic's as these might be too inappropriate for the younger one's among us :-p

We all had a good time goofing around, eating pizza, talking about what had happened earlier that day and what would happen later. In all our excitement we nearly forgot the time. So I quickly changed into my new outfit. I was going for a cute country look and I think it worked out nicely. I didn’t have time to make a picture because we had to rush. I’m always so bad with taking outfit pictures.

Once in the city we headed towards Tivoli which is a concert hall where the event took place. When at the doors my heart started to race. I took a few moments to clear my head to remember the dance moves to Misako's new song. I wanted to impress her even though I’m a really bad dancer.
Everyone had already entered and we were the last ones to go in. One by one we headed up the stairs to the top floor. I was so warm but I didn't care. I was way too excited.
Once on the top floor I was stopped by Danchelle, who wanted to take a picture of my outfit for the outfit contest later that evening. I stoke a cute pose and smiled. Then I entered the hall and beheld a huge merchandise stand covered in cute stuff. I grabbed my purse and to my dismay I found it empty. I had totally forgotten to bring cash. I wanted to quickly get some money from the cash machine but I was too late. Leyla had already  announced that the event had started and asked us all to gather at the stage.
In dismally I slowly walked towards the stage thinking how silly I was for not having checked it before. But I could still get money later.

Everyone gathered at the stage while excitedly chatting amongst themselves. Leyla came on stage and explained the evening programme. It would start with performances by Misako and Rin Rin, following with the outfit contest, a fashion show by Linda Friesen's 4 o’clock collection, a performance by Scarlet Penta and at the end of the evening the winners of the outfit contest would be announced.
It all sounded too good to be true and I couldn’t wait for Misako's performance. After all we had all practised her dance in advance.
Misako walked onto stage and not long after did the music to her song start and everyone began to sway.
Her performance was so wonderful and I really enjoyed myself. It was so much fun to move and clap to her music and of course do the moves. I didn't really succeed in dancing. I really was terrible even though I practised. But I had a good time and that was what it was all about.

Misako only performed one song and then it was Rin Rin's turn. I didn't know that RinRin had released a song too and I could find nothing of it online either. I think everyone was just as curious to know what she would be singing.
We were all very much surprised. Rin Rin really was the performer during her songs. Yes she sung a few. Three to be exact. Her first song was her original depute song Kira Kira Dreamy (which I think means sparkly sparkly dreamy). I liked this song best of all. It had such a catchy tune. The other two songs were cover songs from two anime series. They were super cute. Rin Rin was quite the dancer during her performance. It was all so wonderful. Later I looked up Rin Rin's biography and apparently her hobby just so happens to be dancing.
Sadly the act ended even though I had so much fun dancing along to the music. But there were many more surprises awaiting us. If you are curious about Misako's and Rin Rin's song do take a look at the video below.

We had a little break before the next act started so I took to chatting and laughing with friends. I also took the time to check out the decoration. The were disco balls and lamps hanging from the ceiling. It really looked lovely.
Then it was time for the outfit contest. People could sign up for this when purchasing a ticket. I also signed up but there was a little issue which resulted me not being on the list. Luckily it was quickly solved and I could take my place riiight at the back of the line. I believe I was number 30.
The idea was to walk on the catwalk and pose at the end in order to convience the judges, Misako and Rinin. But before we could stroll the catwalk Misako and RinRin showed us an example. It was really nice to watch because both had a different style. RinRin walked like a model whilst Misako walked like a doll. They explained that we should find the point of our outfit. So to say to find the most important aspect of our outfit. Mine was my rocking horse shoes. They also reminded us all to smile our best and to have fun because that was most important.

Soon after the music started and one by one everyone did their thing. Because I was the last I could watch everyone to get a good idea of how I wanted to walk myself. Everyone looked ever so beautiful and a lot of girls were so nervous and unsure if their walk was all right or not. I thought everyone did well.
It was nearly my turn. I was nervous and I started to worry that I would fall because of my rocking horse shoes. Then it was my turn to climb the stairs of the stage (luckily not that high). I totally forgot about my point of outfit. I was so concentrated on walking right and smiling as much as I could. I think my smile must of have been huge. I always purse my lips very tightly together which results in a BIG smile when I get nervous, otherwise I break into tears (I don't know why. I guess I'm so happy I could cry?). I slowly walked down the  runway as elegantly as I could. My mind went wild. I was so super happy. I made a little twirl at the end of the stage, stopped to pose and slowly walked back again. Luckily everything went well and as soon as I walked off stage everyone clapped. The fashion walk was over and soon after everyone started chatting about it while others checked photo's on their camera's. I felt really proud of myself. Then it was a waiting game to see who won.

We had some time before the next performance would start and so me and Rowie went to browse the merchandise table. I then remembered that I was penniless so me and Rowie went on a quest to find a cash machine. We were told that the ticket reception lets you take out cash. So down we ran but to out dismay it was closed that day. Luckily the ticket sales girl told us where to find the nearest one. She said we should make it back in time if we hurried. So off we went down the street around several corners. We almost got lost and we were afraid we'd be too late but then we finally found it but there was a line. When it was finally my turn I quickly inserted my card and followed the instructions on the screen. So then I waited for my money but nothing came out. I panicked that something had gone wrong and that my money was gone. I had to leave the line as there were more people waiting behind us and I was taking so long. Rowie convinced me to try again and that it may have been a mistake. So when it was finally my turn, again, I tried again and this time it worked. Apparently I tried to pin an amount I didn’t even have on my card. Silly me.
We only had little time left so we ran back. Running in rocking horse shoes isn't very easy by the way but we managed to get back just in time.
As we entered the hall a line of Lolita's, with Rosalynn in the lead, hockey cockied past. Apparently we had missed quite some action.
I quickly headed towards the merchandise stall and browsed all the lovely things they had. The stand was made up of MFashion's shop and things Misako and RinRin bought with them. MFashion had a lot of cute clothes, socks and accessories with them. It was basically a little sample collection of their actual shop. Misako had a little diary book about herself (which was really cute and really popular too), there where little pink glitter bow rings, postcards, big posters and some other little things. I cant remember exactly what any more. RinRin also had postcards and a CD of her debute song. Apparently she made this CD just for us. Which was really cute.
Before I could make a purchase another announcement was made and we were all asked to come to the stage again.

It was time for Linda Friessen's 4 o'clock fashion show. Linda Friessen is a Dutch Lolita and fashion designer and makes the most unique Lolita and high fashion pieces. I was really looking forward to seeing her collection.
I made sure to stand at the front in order to have a good view. I'm quite blind without my glasses you see. The music started. I really loved it. It was really eery and dark and suited the fashion show very well.
The fashion show wasn't all that long but the dresses I saw were absolutely amazing. One by one the models came onto stage in their scary high healed Lady Gaga shoes each portraying dresses prettier than the other. They were all elegant and Gothic. Each was beautifully made with such detail. I wanted them all. My favourite one was the see-through aqua coloured dress. It reminded me so much of mermaids. Even though I could never see myself wearing this dress it was nevertheless the most enchanting of them all. Apart from the dresses I was amazed by the make-up and hair. Everyone looked similar but it really made the picture. Everyone wore tall back combed or curly wigs and their make-up was simple but elegant and made them look like porcelain dolls. Each model walked twice and at the end they all came back onto stage together with Linda to take a final bow. I remember that everyone was very impressed and there was a big round of applause at the end. I found it all very enchanting. You can find a video of the fashion show online.

Credits go to Damien7002

There was another little break so I hurried towards the merchandise stall once more. There already was a merry gathering of friends browsing too. I ended up buying cute little black lace ankle socks from MFashion, a big Misako poster, RinRin's CD and some cute postcards from RinRin. I wanted to buy more because I wanted to be reminded of this day forever but I didn't have enough money. While standing at the stall I saw that a friend had her poster signed by Misako and RinRin and was giggling all over it. I wanted it too but then another announcement was made for the performance from Scarlet Penta. I didn't want to stand at the stage so decided to stay in the back instead. Surprisingly quite a few of my friends stayed at the back too. Even Misako was wondering about. So we circled around her to chat a little. She looked really tired but was still ever so cute and nice. At that point I realized that I hadn't drunk anything that evening so I sat at the bar and had some water. Rosalynn came over too. She looked tired too.

After Scarlett's performance the long wait was finally over. It was time to announce the winners of the outfit contest. Everyone was excited and secretly everybody hoped to win first prize. All prizes to win were sponsored by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. So exciting! Third place went to...*drum roll*... Miriam from Germany. She wore a lovely pink, flower coord with the Lady Rose print from Angelic Pretty. She won a lovely Baby umbrella. She looked like a real lady with her "huge" hat. Second prize went to...*drum roll*... Josine from my local Lolita community. She wore a Snow White inspired outfit. She really looked too cute. Misako and RinRin chose her not only for her outfit but because of her lovely smile. Her character really came out on the catwalk. She won a lovely bonnet and wrist cuffs. And first prize went to....*druuuummmm Rooolll*...Renske! She was absolutely shocked and surprised she had won. She really deserved to win because she really looked like a princess and moved like a fairy on the catwalk. She won a limited edition Baby heart bag which matched her outfit very well. As a special prize there was one other winner. RinRin and Misako had a really hard time choosing so there had to be another winner. Everyone's ears and eyes were pinned on them. The special prize winner was....*drum roll*...Marina from Germany. Misako and RinRin found her outfit very unique and colourful. She received a bag of candy from RinRin's favourite candy shop in Tokyo.
All winner's were filmed by the Kawaii International crew. Everyone went through a outfit run down and were asked how they felt about winning.

 The evening was sadly coming to a close and the last announcements were made to indicate that RinRin and Misako would sign everyone’s posters, postcards etc. at the door.
I grabbed all my things and stood in line to have my poster and autograph cards (made them myself) signed.
When it was my turn, and had everything signed, I made a last picture and thanked them for the lovely day and hoped they also had a lovely day. I really wanted to talk more but there were more people behind me and Deborah was already waiting at the door. Luckily her parent's picked us up and bought me home. Once in the car I came to realize how tired and exhausted I actually was. I couldn't believe that the day was over. I didn't want it to end it was such a wonderful day. Because I had hardly eaten and drunk I became very nauseous in the car. Once home I stripped to bloomers and tank top and collapsed on the floor for an hour. I had such muscle ache and was so dehydrated that I could barely function. But I didn’t care, it was all worth it.
I was glad that I wasn't attending the pick nick the next day because I wasn’t sure if I would have had the energy.
I really hope that an event like this will be held again next year. It was one of the best Lolita related events I've attended thus far. I was ever so happy to have met so many new people and I hope to treasure all these memories forever in my heart.

It took me a while to finally write this post but I'm glad I've finally done it.

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  1. It's so nice to finally read about this day from your perspective! ^^ Such a lovely day it was... ;_;