Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lolita Sunday Hello Kitty Style!

The year started slow Lolita wise for me. My last Lolita meet was in November and my first official Lolita meet, this year, took place end of February. I've been having the Lolita blues quite often too lately. So I thought it would be nice to cheer myself up by dressing up and being with friends.

A girl in the Dutch Lolita community wanted to organise a high tea in The Hague. She knew just the right place. In the Hague there is this cute little Japanese style restaurant/cafe called SET. The restaurant part was in Japanese style and the cafe part was in Hello Kitty style. Both the cafe and the restaurant looked amazing. Everything in the restaurant was traditionaly decorated in old Japanese style. I'm definitely going back to eat there again. The place has such a lovely vibe. 
The owner's were also so happy for us to come that they called the day Lolita Sunday. So anyone who wanted to see what Lolita was could come and lunch with us. They even hung up a poster.

When Sunday came around I got dressed in Classic Lolita and made my way to the train station with my boyfriend. He even accompanied me up to the platform and kissed me goodbye. On the train I met up with a group of girls, including Deborah, and together we had a lovely ride to The Hague. Luckily a train from my town rides directly to the Hauge in just an hour. So we were there in no time.
In the Hague there was already a merry gathering of frills. Together we all took the metro to the restaurant. I was totally facinated by the metro system. First of all it looks really nice. All the stations are made of wood and old stone. It looks mediveal and modern at the same time. Plus the metro's were still new and very modern.
We came to the market place stop and we all got out. All our surroundings were so lovely. The Hague is such a beautiful town. Its so old fashioned but it has a flare of new to it too. I felt great just being there. The Hague had me under its spell.
SET was very close to the metro station so we soon went inside and found our places to sit. It was all rather small with so many petticoats but we all managed to squeeze into a seat. I sat at a nice little table together with Pichi, Deborah, Ella and Marcella. We had a great time munching on our high tea's and drinking tea. My favorite was the sushi. It was sooo delicious. But because I'm clumbsy, some sushi well on my dress and I stained my wristcuff with the soysauce. Oh well!

The rest of the day we chatted, explored the restaurant (it has another floor where you need to wear special slippers) and took  pictures. Deborah was filming everything too. She made two videos one of everyones outfit and one of the whole day. See the video's below to see how wonderful our day was.

This is the outfit video.

Should any of you be in The Hague do check out SET. Website link here!

See you in the next post!


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