Thursday, October 1, 2015

October Time! Introducing: 31 days of Halloween!

Hey everybody!

Yes, yes, yes it's finally October! Halloween season has begun!!! Mwahahaha!
I've been waiting forever for it to get colder and to find a reason to wear my jumpers, jackets, hats and scarves again and to get all spooky of course. I really like this time of year. Like I mentioned in my previous post for me this is a special time of year. I always feel more motivated, confident and happy for some reason. I have a lot to look forward to I guess. All the celebrations, the leaves turning into lovely colours, pumpkin's, being more creative, traveling and much more. Plus, being a Youtube junkie, I love how creative everyone online gets. You see awesome Halloween themed make-up tutorials, delicious season cooking and baking, creative DIY's for decoration and much, much more.
Also every year from the 1st of October on until the 31st Kat, from the channel HelloBatty, makes Halloween videos called 31 days of Halloween. These are pretty much my October high-light. I've been following her ever since she started 31 days of Halloween. Her video's are so cool. I really enjoy watching them. I've recently been rewatching them over and over again because I just couldnt wait until this years batch of video's. They're gonna be awesome!

 With all this spookalicious Halloween hubub around me I had a creative thought. I've been meaning to do much more with my Youtube channel and ever since last year I wanted to participate in the 31 days of Halloween challenge too, just like Kat from HelloBatty. I rememeber Kat asking if anyone else was also doing the challenge and if so to let her know so she could watch your video's too. It made me think so I decided to give it a try. This year I'm doing my own 31 days of Halloween. Which means every day one video from the 1st of October until the 31st. Well I will try at least. Wooooo! I hope things work out! It's definitely going to be fun! I will update the blog as much as I can with the video's, plus other Halloween and autumn related posts will continue too.
Check out my first video below. Its just a brief introduction but look forward to more awesomeness to come!
 Thanks for reading! Yours truely,

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