Thursday, March 17, 2011

13 March Lolita High Tea

Last week Sunday, I went to my first ever lolita meeting!
The meeting was organized on the Dutch Lolita forum by a lolita herself. It was in connection to her upcomming birthday. Even though I did not know I was very flattered to be able to come to join with everyone.

The meeting was held in Utrecht in de broers cafe. It was a local tavern selling highteas.
I have to conclude that it was very delicious and that all the lolita members were ever so gracious and kind to me. I even got to know some of them.
I had such a lovely day and it felt as if I was swept off to another world. I saw such beautifully dressed lolita's there I was stunned. I think most of the time I just admired the wonderful view of everyone.:)

I hope to meet up again soon, because it was so much fun and I felt so part of the group.:)

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