Tuesday, March 22, 2011

!Disaster Japan!

A big topic at this moment is the huge chaos situated in Japan.

The biggest earthquake the world has ever seen hit Japan followed by a massive tsunami, destroying villages, towns, people's homes and evern lives. It's such a sad situation and something you don't wish for anyone. I sadly will not donate because I am afraid my money will never arrive, and it I had the magic ability to make everything okay again I really would.

So lets all keep on praying for Japan and hope everything and everyone is fine and pray for a good furtur full of hapiness again!

I'm sad because I wanted to visit Japan next year for a holiday! But that wont be the case now:(

I got this from the Lolita Blog "Lolita Charm" to help support Japan and many poeple suffering or mourning. I hope she doesn't mind me using this;)

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