Friday, June 22, 2012

My favorite things: Chocolate

It's strange really, because I never liked chocolate as a child and now I'm crazy about it.
When I think of cake, I think of chocolate cake, and then of other cake flavors. I believe chocolate is alot of people's favorite sweet. Apparently some people are addicted to it. I can safely say that I am not a choco-addict but I sometimes do feel pressured in situations surrounded my delicious chocolate treats. Or having a sweet tooth after dinner.
I'm not a fan of milk chocolate (as in bar chocolate) it hurts my teeth. There's more sugar in milk chocolate, than dark chocolate.
If I have to name my favorite chocolate treat it would probably be brownie and chocolate Subway cookies. I like doughy and chewy chocolate cakes. They're so enjoyable and just thinking about it makes my mouth water.
So I've included a delicious virtual choco-treat for you all! Enjoy!

Hmm doesn't it look tasty?

 Thanks for reading and take care.

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