Friday, May 30, 2014

LBC: Lolitas Around The World: Who Inspires You?

I'm back with another Lolita Blog Carnival post. This weeks theme was another fun and personal choice and I was excited to share my story.
At first it was hard to think of a Lolita that inspires me. So I browsed around my inspiration folder and noticed a few Lolita's and Kawaii fashion wearers pop up quite often. These people inspire me through fashion, make-up and photoshoot ideas and poses.

The first Lolita inspiration I came across was Shelby Cloud. I had just started Lolita fashion and stumbled upon her YouTube channel. I loved how she was so experimental. She always looks cute and elegant. Not only did her style attract me to the fashion but also her personality. On her channel she gives tips, tutorials and such and she always comes over as a kind gentle person. Due to work she's not as active anymore but even then she's still my number one. 

Alexa Poletti is not so much a Lolita fashion wearer but I still love her style and it influeneces my outfits too. It was my boyfriend who first found a picture of her a few years ago. And ever since we've been fans. I think what I love most about her most is her wigs and make-up. I love wigs and make-up and because of her I found my own make-up look which I coorporate into my Lolita looks.

This is one of my latest inspirations. None other than shironuri fashion artist Minori. I really love OTT fashions and make-up and she goes even beyond that. Her style is magical and intriging. I would love to try out this style one day. I try to create a sense of magicalnes in my outfits due to her.

 Other than the people mentioned above I still collect a whole lot of inspirations from lots of different people on Tumblr, Facebook etc. What ever I find interesting and pretty would go into my inspiration folder. I love a bit of everything.

Should you be interested in other inspirations? Do check out the list below:

Thanks for reading and take care! 

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