Friday, May 23, 2014

Youtube Make Up Video!


 This week there wont be a LBC post but instead I'm posting about something I recently placed on Youtube. As of late I have started learning to use video tools to make videos. I've wanted to make them for quite some time but never found the time or motivation to do it. I'm really glad I've finally started because its alot of fun.
I posted my first video last year. It wasnt much but it was my first stepping stone nevertheless. I love learning things and this is a great oppotunity to learn more about specific media tools. I'm even contemplating in learning how to use Photoshop. I'm in the process of building my new PC and hopefully everything should be up and running this coming month.
If your interested in seeing my video do check in out below. I hope to become more active on my Youtube account posting many things that interest me. Most of it will probably be about Lolita fashion, health and beauty. I just love watching those kind of videos. They really inspire and motivate me.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. Pretty! Hope you will make more video's!

  2. Cute!! But I think it is a good idea to make a list of all the products you used...

    1. Thank you for the feedback! I will definitely be editing the text below and adding this to future videos :)

  3. Nice video :)
    Can I ask you something? Do you also wear make-up in daily life?
    I'm not used to wearing make up because I'm kinda sensitive for things on my face, especially around my eyes. So I sometimes use BB cream and concealer, but things like mascara, eyeliner I actually prefer not to use. Do you think this is a problem when it comes to lolita style?
    I never used fake eyelashes either, I kinda want to try them but I also fear that it will annoy me as well. When I wear make up I just feel so much around my eyes as 'input' that it's kinda hard to focus on other things :/ I wish it was different sometimes, but I also learned to like my face how it is with a natural look. Do you know more lolita people like that?

    1. Reading your reply makes me think of myself actually :-p I have a super sensitive face and am allergic to alot of make up plus as soon as my face feels heavy because of make up I get a migrane and my whole face hurts. This also counts for my eyes when I wear lenses and lashes. I am actually quite happy my face reacts the way it does which means I dont smack any old bad stuff on my face.
      But it can also get really annoying when I find myself plain on some days and when I see all these cute Lolias with their cute make up and making me want to achieve it too. But Im also about the natural beauty and I actually wear very little to no make up daily. It always feels great plus I get the feeling Im doing my skin good. And with Lolita a little make up can go a long way too :-) Just a little mascarra and a cute lipbalm can look just as pretty :-) I have a few friends that love the natural look and dont wear very heavy make up whilst wearing lolita.
      The main thing is that you feel good about yourself and if that means wearing little make up then thats fine :-) btw if you are willing to give fake lashes and such a try start with light and sublte ones ( natural kind) theyre not over the top but give a little boost to the eyes and are very light so you dont feel them. The more you try the more you will get used to it. You should watch Michelle Phans make up tutorials on youtube aswell. She is a true inspiration to me. Her message to all girls is so wonderful.