Friday, May 16, 2014

LBC: Your favorite "Two" Pairs of Shoes for Lolita

There are so many fun topics to write about when you're a member of the Lolita Blog Carnival group. This weeks topic is about an item that every girl (be she Lolita or no Lolita) has a lot of. It's shoes. They're very essential. I really do beleive that a great coord is not complete without two things; a wig and the right shoes!

So for this topic I picked out my two favorite pairs. The main reason for me choosing them is their comfort and durability. Which really says alot about the quality.
I just cant stand when I buy a pair of shoes and they break after a few months of use. It really makes me boil over because shoes are so important. Without any (good) shoes we can kiss our lovely feet goodbye. 
We'll get so many foot problems, and may end up not being able to walk proberly later on in life.  
I really love my feet or feet in general. And anything that goes on my feet needs to be comfortable before anything else. Pretty shoes aren't everything (only sometimes) so my favorites arent the most spectactular, but I would love to be burried in them nevertheless.

The white pair were my first Lolita shoes. I bought them from Secret Shop I believe. The other black pair are from Bodyline. 

Curious to know what the other shoe favorites are? Then check out the blogs below!

Should any of the readers here like the idea of joining the group and happen to have a blog, then do sign up and join in with the fun here!

Thanks for reading and take care!

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