Friday, September 25, 2015

LBC: Make A Fall/Autumn Coord

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Im back with another Lolita Blog Carnival post. Summer has come to an end and autumn is slowing creeping in. My favorite time of year. I love the weather, the smells, the vibes, the festivals, the food and the fact that I can bundle myself up in layers and layers of clothing. Not that I dont do that all year round already. To me autumn is that special time of year. That most spiritutal time of year. Its also a great time to wear Lolita more often and not feel as uncomfortable as in the summer. If it were up to me there would be a special international Lolita day in autumn too.
In this weeks post I got way too carried away with autumn themed coords and warmer clothing coordsin general. I made three different looks. One is a casual everyday look, the second one a outdoor coord and the third one is a special tea party occasion coord. I was inspired by Kawaii Peteens recent video with Misako Aoki talking about different coords for different occasions.So here are mine:

Casual Autumn coord

Casual cute coord

I chose Angelic Pretty's cream cookie OP because when I think of autumn I think about baking and flavors that warm one up. Thats why I added the cute brown coloured caplet coat to give the look a warm cozy look. I kept it very simple to make it more casual and comfortable. This would be a great coord to wear when on a cookie baking date.

Outside Autumn coord

Outside Autumn Lolita Coord
Autumn is going to be more chilly and windy, at least here in Europe, so it calls for a lovely wam coat. And to make it more autumn I kept to brown natural colours.

Special occasion/tea party  coord

Autumn outfit
The print on this dress is my absolute favorite. I have this one in black. Which would have been a great colour-way to use for this too. I basically spiced up the coord with lovely gold accents which match very well with the brown colours. It makes the look more special and not too casual. This would be a coord to wear to a tea party meet. A little out there but not too much.

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