Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review Time: Commission by Yumenator

A few weeks ago, while I was browsing Facebook, two cute images popped up on my feed. Two of my friends had commissioned chibi illustrations . They looked adorable. My friend Sera had greatly promoted the artist so I checked out the Facebook page. The artist was Yumenator. She had recently opened commission slots for various different types of illustrations amoung which chibi's. I was very interested to get my own creation so I sent my friend Sera a private message to ask about her experience. She was very positive and encouraged me to contact the artist. So thats what I did.


Yumenator Quote A simple yet extraordinary art enthusiast who is always open for commissions! My main field is creating adorable and loveable character designs! "
As far as I know she can create any kind of comission if you discuss this with her. Commissions are still open at the moment but she will be starting uni soon so she may have less time. Just send her a message and she will let you know what the possibilities are.


It was a real pleasure working with Yumenator to create my chibi illustration. She replied to my emails very quickly and also let me know that she would be away for a few days and wont be able to work on my chibi. She was very friendly too. 
She first asked for a picture of what ever I wanted a chibi of or at least describe what I wanted. Because Im more into Gothic Lolita at the moment I sent her a Gothic Lolita picture of myself. Most of the colours were black. She said it was a bit of a challenge to do the black shading but I think she did a marvolous job. I made my payment by banktransfer which was everything but problematic.I paid 4 Euro for my commission. Thats a great price for what I got.


So this is the final product. I am very happy with it. I love its cute and darkness. Yumenator really did a wonderful job on my commission. I really recommend Yumenator and will definitely be keeping in contact with her for future commissions. I have something Halloweeny in mind.


Yumenators Facebook page
Yumenators Deviant Page

Thanks for reading! Yours truely,

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