Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rounf off the pounds!

Came across this idea from a blog of a lolita within the dutch community. I thought it was a great idea to follow myself. It's called "Loli_wightloss" on LiveJournal:) Here my update I posted today:

Name or Nickname: Catherine (aka Lolicatt)
Age/Gender: 20 (nearly 21) Girly girl!
Country: Dutchland
Current Weight: I believe 63 kg
(and/or Current Measurements:) I have no idea :-/
Favorite Lolita Styles: classic, sweet, gothic
Motivations for weight-loss: I'm not fond of fitness and know I need to keep healthy in some way. My figure is quite okay but still want to loose some chub to fit my lovely dresses even beter:)
Current weight-related goals: To reach 59-60 kg and stay that weight.
Something(s) you’d like to reward yourself with: To wear my lovely dresses with all my pride and attend a lolita meet up, where everyone can "WAU" me:D
Anything else?: Hmmm can't think of anything:P
Plans for this week:
- Walk more often.
- Take control of my lust at particular moments.
-Drink alot more water
-Treat myself to some healthy sunny vitamin D:)
- Try to keep my process posted otherwise I'll just trail off. Love some support cause it gets kinda lonely:P

Hope you enjoyed. Take care and goodbye!

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