Sunday, June 10, 2012

Start of my favorite things psot

Seeing that I'm quite absent on my blog, even though I really try to write as often as I can, I've decided to write about my favorite things. A fellow blogger inspired me to do this too as I love reading about her favorite things.

I will start this series from now on and hope to let you know a little about myself. Which is something I haven't felt I've done enough of.

So here we go!

Freshly mown grass.

I just love walking outside in the summer when it's been nice and warm and smell freshly cut grass. It reminds me a lot of my childhood, as I lived in a little village located in a forest. I used to love watching my granddad cut  the grass and enjoyed picking up the remembrances of grass afterwards. I used to throw them amount and building huge piles to bury myself into. I really miss those summer days. I remember that I was always so happy. Every time I smell it I get a whiff of my childhood passing by.
Thanks for reading and take care xx

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