Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A new year full of many changes!

Well it's been a while since I went on a hiatus. I have to admit that it did me good. Of course I didn't forget about this place. I've had it on my mind quite a few times. Thinking about what I could do to improve this place and what would be interesting and fun to write about. I've definitely brewed up some inspiration and future plans. A new layout and blog banner is on its way too and will appear sometime soon I hope. I've been in contact with the writer of the Frillzone, who will be creating my lovely banner. Check out her blog here.

I hope to write about past events, seeing that I am eager to share, but it will have to wait till I've gotten all of my photos sorted. If you’re interested to read about my Lolita birthday then check out LolitaWonderland's blog here. She was an attendee.^^

As I was browsing through my blog list I noticed that a lot of people have been posting about their new year’s resolutions. As I like the thought of having goals for the year I thought I'd do some too. ^^ They are Lolita and non-Lolita related. So here we go.

1. Cut my hair (short)! I've wanted to do this for years but never did dare to chop off the tail. I have pretty long hair so cutting it really short is quite a step. But I thought if I'm already afraid to cut my hair then how on earth am I going to face the rest of the world.
2. Get back into shape! Because I've been through quite a lot of stress these past months and working a job that I don't really like, I've let myself go a bit. It’s my new goal to balance out my diet and do some more exercise.
3. Practice my face painting/make-up skills! Believe it or not but I'm pretty handy with this. I was just as surprised. I found my talent when I was still at school last year. I was make-up/costume manager for the production Nightmare before Christmas. And I did a very good job in making everyone up as well as my choice for costumes. I also got to practice my skills when I did an apprenticeship at the Amsterdam Dungeon. You know that creepy place where people scare you.
4. Blog more! I defiantly want to do more of this. I used to enjoy writing so much and used to be really good at it. I definitely want to improve again.
5. Travel to at least one place this year! I've been meaning to go traveling for ages and have just been setting it aside always making up new excuses to why I can't go. One of my biggest wants is to visit Japan. It's expensive unfortunately but it's definitely going to happen one day ^-^ Also want to go to Edinburgh and Paris.
6. Learn a new language! Language is a lifestyle for me. I was born into 2 and have increased my horizon of them ever since. But I'm looking for a new challenge and want to learn Japanese ^.^ Something completely different.
7. Find a job I love! It's a hard one because the jobs I've had in the past and now have been giving me the income to pay everything. Plus I have a lot of experience with this type of job so getting a job is much easier. But I'm determined to quit my current job and look for something new.
8. Wear more Lolita! Of course! <3 font="font">
9. Be a better pen pal! It's terrible really making my pen pal wait three months to receive my return letter. :-( I'm such a bad pen pal. But it's going to change. There is still hope! ^o^
10. Visit more International Lolita events! Think of the BSSTB and Angelic Pretty tea parties in Paris. Or Japan Expo and HyperJapan or Japan Tag and some various Lolita panels at anime conventions.
11. Make a wardrobe video! I've had inspiration for this but am so picky in making it perfect. It's taking too long so that’s going to happen this year ^_^. My inspiration comes from the lovely Peachie <3 font="font" heck="heck" her="her" nbsp="nbsp" out="out" video="video" wardrobe="wardrobe">here.

12. Visit some museums! I’m totally into history, culture, ancient runes you name it. I used to visit them a lot more. So I want to catch up on visiting seeing that I used to have so much fun.
13. Do a giveaway on my blog! Every Lolita’s aim so I’ve read xD. But regardless of that I want to do one too.
14. Organise my Halloween/birthday event! This has been a dream of mine for years. I have these wild dreams of what it would look like and what will happen. I have this image that appears in my head every time I think about it. An image of me in a Beetlejuice themed Lolita dress and mega teased hair. My eyes dark as coal and zombie like. There will be dance acts, theatre acts, scare acts, live music, creepy food, great costumes and make-up and did I mention it was all held in a castle or a huge circus tent. *dreams away*.
15. Do more photo shoots! I love doing them. And being a Lolita and all is a good reason to do so. New outfit, new photo shoot <3 font="font">

That’s quite a list but it will definitely keep me busy throughout this year. It’s good to be back and like my blog title says it’s a new year full of many changes. I still want to wish you all a lovely 2013 may your new year be healthy. If you have made any new year’s resolutions let me know. I’d love to read them.


  1. Nice resolutions, and I hope you will be able to check them all off from your list ^^
    Cool that you want to cut your hair short, how short exactly?

    Wardrobe video's are always fun to see, so I look forward to see yours! And I totally love the banner from frillzone, so I'm sure you will get a wonderfull one as well!

    1. ^^ thank you so much for your kind words! I hope it all goes well:)
      I've already cut my hair to above shoulder length. I cut off 25 cm. i'M really loving this short hair^^
      And thank you I hope my banner will be great:D You'll get to see it soon:D