Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Last night, while my boyfriend came to pick me up, it started to snow here in my town. It was so nice. I'm pretty sick so I wrapped myself up all warm in my jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat and it was a fun ride my my boyfriends house in the car.
When I woke this morning and looked out the window I was so surprised to see that everything was white. It looked so lovely to see. I really love snow. It was just a shame that I'm sick and cant really play around in it.
Well my boyfriend and I did decide to  go into town to get a few things and a copy of the Magazine Intens where I'm mentioned in this month about Lolita but more on that to come later this week along with some other posts I promise ;-).
Here some lovely pictures of the snow that I made today.

Thanks for reading and take care.

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  1. Snow! There's also snow here, and everything looks like a winter wonderland ♥