Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm a Lolita model :-D

Lolita fashion show.
On the 10th of February there will be a Lolita fashion show at Tsunacon in Rotterdam and I will yet again be part of it. YAY I’m a Lolita model.
It’s so awesome that I’ll be in another fashion show. It will be organized by a Lolita shop called Fly away fashion. The shop’s owner, Katie, is such a talented and enthusiastic girl. You should really check out her online shop. She makes incredible things. Check her online shop here.
Katie organized a fashion show together with another alternative shop last year at the Nishicon event in Haarlem. I also modeled for her then. It was an incredible experience and I felt so beautiful parading on the catwalk. I had only dreamed of this ever happening in my life and was so happy I was able to help her out.
I used to admire Victoria Suzanne for her modeling opportunities and always wanted to do it too. I mean who doesn’t? It’s like a pink candy floss dream!
When Katie was searching for models I sent in my entry right away but was set as a reserve in case someone fell out. And someone did fall out and I was allowed to stand in and now I’m officially part of the model group. Who knows maybe my future lies in Lolita fashion modeling. It would definitely be really awesome.

I modeled a lovely mint coloured sweet Lolita dress with matching hair bow. Along with this I wore sax coloured shoes. Don’t worry it matched perfectly ;-)
I wore the puffiest petticoat ever! Everyone kept padding it commenting that it was so fluffy. I felt like a princess.
The show took place in the evening and I asked my friends, who were at the con, to come see me too. They were very impressed when I went to talk to them afterwards. ^^ghihi

Me and the lovely Anne(*)

 I really wonder what I’ll be wearing this time. I don’t really mind what I wear. All her dresses from last time were handmade and very beautiful. So I can expect the best from her this time too.
If you happen to be going to the con come and have a look. It will be a lot bigger this time and even more models will participate. My friend Rosalynn will also be part of it this time :-).
On the 3rd of April is our practice day so I’m excited to see what we can brew up. Because Katie is alone we will all support her to make an amazing show.
Thanks for reading and take care!


  1. Look forward already to see the photo's of the upcoming fashionshow! I'm sure you will look pretty ^^

  2. You looked wonderful with the fashion show! That dress suits you so well :)
    I'm so curious about what you are going to wear next fashion show.
    I'm a little bit sad that I can't participate with the fashion show...