Thursday, January 10, 2013

Special experience!

First off I like to mention that it´s my boyfriends birthday today. He´s finally all grown up ^.^ I bet you can guess how old he turned ^.-.

As a treat I gave him a wellness treatment at this place called Rufa Fish Spa. It opened only a month and a half ago here in my town. It´s basically little fishes that nibble at your feet and hands. It´s a great treatment which leaves your feet feeling silky smooth. Check out the website here (sorry it´s not in English).
The Rufa fish
We arrived there around 2 and were heatedly welcomed by the spa owner. Such a lovely and very dedicated person about his passion.
We received some drinks and I enjoyed my green and lemon tea and my boyfriend drank a cola. Firstly we had to soak our feet in warm water for hygiene reason and also to soften the feet for the fish. It was lovely sitting by the foot bath. It was so beautifully decorated. I felt so relaxed. We also received a lovely little dessert which I very much enjoyed. Very yummy. ^.^ After our feet were soaked my boyfriend was first to dip is feet in the fishy pool. He described it as a very interesting and funny feeling.
After my feet were dried I also dipped my feet in my own pool. I have to say it was the strangest feeling I've ever felt before. It´s a little hard to describe. It´s like there´re lots of bubbles around your feet. You can feel the little fish suck on your feet. It especially tickles when they nibble at your toes.
I laughed the first few minutes because as soon as I put in my feet they literally attacked my feet. It was pretty overwhelming.

We very much enjoyed ourselves and it was really fun and interesting talking to the owner and looking at the fishes in the pool. It was funny, every time I moved my feet the fish followed :-P.
We received a lovely glass of champagne and a little bite. It was such good service and everything came over so professional and the atmosphere was so nice.
After about 20 minutes our feet were dried and we received a lovely foot massage with this lovely organic foot balm. I have to say my favorite type of massage is probably a foot massage. It relaxes me so much that I fall asleep.

After the foot massage we dipped our hands in the foot to give our hands a treat. My boyfriend has eczema so this is really good for him. It can even cure it. So we´re definitively coming again.
After a little hand balm we were done and ready to go. We had such an amazing time and my boyfriend  very much enjoyed himself. He was so enthusiastic that we will definitively be going again. He was so happy with my gift to him. ^.^

We´re going to go out for dinner tonight at this oriental place. OH I can´t wait ^_^. My boyfriend is definitely being treated today on his special day <3 .="." p="p">


  1. Congratulations with your boyfriend! I've never done that before, but I can imagine it must have felt very strange and funny to feel those fish around your feet :p

    1. Thanks:-) I hope you can experience it too some day. It definitly worth it.