Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 5 – 10 items from your wishlist.

1. Chained berry memoir has caught my eye at the moment! I first saw it on MISAKO aoki and fell in love with it straight away. Because I am love strawberries I’ve become a interested in fruit printed clothes. And this one really took my preference. Plus MISAKO aoki is so cool^^
2. Clara OP. This dress from Innocent world blew me away! I love the colour the style and wish to own it one day :D
3. I am a big fan of rocking horse shoes, and therefore these called my name! They’re from the replica brand “An*Tai*Na”

4.This is also a replica, but I find it so beautiful! I’m not sure from which brand it’s originally from but who cares it’s so lovely to look at!
5.I believe this is originally from Angelic Pretty, and is called cookies of something. I first saw Victoria Suzanne wearing this on a pic from her blog, and thought it actually looks quite good so I decided to add it to the wishlist!

6. This is Milky Chan from Angelic Pretty. I first saw ShelbyCloud wear it on one of her YouTube clips and I thought it looked pretty cute!

7.Honey Cake dress OP from Angelic Pretty but then the yellow version. It actually makes me think of yellow honey:P

8.Princess Honey's tea salon. It’s from BTSSB! I was browsing their website and came across this one. I’m always on the lookout for something natural not too over the top. Plus a not to over exaggerated print on it. I think this one is sweet!^^

9. Rose Boudoir from BTSSB. What a love about this JSK is the sleeves. I like JSK sleeves and all but prefer the OP sleeves. And this dress is right in between. Which is great for me :D

10.Chiffon High Waist Tiered Pinafore Dress by Metamophose! I’ve wanted to try yellow for some time now so I thought hey why not! I like this dress because it’s just so simple. I belive that you can make the most beautiful things from simple things.

I have so so so much more but yea here's the 10 I really liked!^^ Thanks for reading!

Take Care!^^

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