Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2 – 10 things you love in Lolita. (sorry it's late :()

1. I love the fact that it’s so girly and glittery. I still don’t know if I can ever portray it but nevertheless it attracts my attention. I like to be femininely dressed. And when I just hate wearing trousers I’m feel glad I can slip into a lovely skirt or dress.

2. One thing that firstly grabbed my attention with Lolita was the cute, colourful clothing! The cutesy patterns, the lacing, bows, pastels and the list grows.

3. The people in it. So far I prefer the online role models that inspire me to drag myself even deeper into the aspect Lolita. But that’s because I haven’t met too many Lolita’s and become friends with them yet.

4. I have to say I really suck at coordinating. I just plainly put something on and I’m done. Whilst in Lolita fashion you need to take the time and effort to coordinate your Lolita clothing. This has inspired me to change my ways. I mean we are women right, (though sometimes I wonder where my inner woman is: P). I’ve found it a hard challenge (which it still is). So far I’ve learned a great deal. And when I look back at when I first started I asked myself how I was ever going to remember any of this. But basically, just being interested in something, sucks up all the info in to your head and stores it. Which gave me a shock when I found myself lecturing my best friend on how she can improve to be a better Lolita?

5. Like “Millions of Bows” also mentioned on her list, finding info on Lolita fashion and lifestyle is so easily to discover. When being a starter, and not knowing where to begin, this is ideal. A simple set of guidelines and your set. And while time passes you adjust to your own found style and by that time you know what to do anyway. It’s great having all the info out there it supports the new ones to go on and get sucked into the glitter candy/pony/unicorn/rainbow/what ever land.

6. I love all the different types of shoes. In all the colours of the rainbow! And don’t even get me started on the detail. I seem to have a catchy eye for detail and was just fascinated by most of the shoes and how a lot of them are made to match a distinctive outfit too. Again the coordination is important. So far I own two pairs of loli shoes and I have to say I absolutely LOVE my rocking horse shoes! They are the most awesome thing. They look stylish and different, you don’t see many wearing them (well at least not here where I live: P) and they’re so comfortable. Which you wouldn’t say by looking at them.

7. Another thing I like/love about Lolita is the different activities it brings with it. It goes back to old fashioned hobbies which are a little rare or are only found amongst stories from your granny’s youth. Having a picnic! Strolling in the park with your parasol, attending a high tea party, visiting a museum or zoo. They’re just little things that most people my age don’t do any more. This is a shame, because I love doing them. Can’t stand sitting in a club and watching everyone get drunk. Also the sewing, knitting, braiding, etc that loli’s get into to decorate their own clothing and maybe even make their own clothing. It’s as if you’re adapting a whole new category in your life.

8. WIGS! <3 I haven’t got much experience with them yet but I was blown away when my strawberry blonde hime gyro wig came in. After following a YouTube tutorial I had my wig cap on and placed the lovely wig on my head. It simply completed me. It was also the first time I actually felt Lolita when I combined it with my OP dress. More to come in the future I know for sure! :D

9. Knowledge! Because Lolita is a completely different aspect and way of thinking I’ve learned some many new things. These can be historical, fashion related, etiquette, media related or even the approach to a new language and culture. Now who says you wouldn’t learn anything?

10. It’s cool to see that Lolita has expanded and in some ways gave live to other subgenres such as “fairykei” and such. It makes it all the more interesting. I myself am not too fond of the pop kei/fairykei, but that’s only due to me not knowing much about it yet. Maybe in the future this will come.

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